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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Jase, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    You ever own a Presa?
    You really ever own a REAL dog?
    Most dogs should not be owned by most owners from a darn little yapper to a Fila. but yet they are.
    Just read on here how many folks get dogs that shouldnt then they come here for training advice.. really??? GO TO A REAL TRAINER.
    I dont think that many who own Boerboels, Neos, Dogos, COs presas, APBT etc should be owned by the pet folks, or some breeders. but yet they are ..
    But to come on a board and say stuff about a BREED YOU DO NOT know about .. it ignorant. Speak about what you know ...

    Lost for words on folks
  2. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    I dont have to own a dog but have enough talks...shoot just look on elpresa and they'll tell you about some of the dogs they own...I have had and still do own real dogs. ..including a fila lol...Deb you really get your panties in a bunch ...are you the only person whos ever owned a dog that would bite someone...i think not...but it is FACT some dogs will bite a person before others...and how that dog is handled and raised will most definitely have a big impact on whether said dog will be a problem...now there are airdales that bite...but then there are dogs like rottweiler, doberman, PRESA that have been bred to bite man and therefore are more proan to do so...

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  3. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    I never said I was the only dog.
    My panties and never in a bunch b/c I dont wear gramma panties LOL
    ElPresa is a bunch of internet Warriors .. really find out who is talking on there .. Espo .. is an idiot and been told many times .. never owned a presa who bites but yet he knows it all about the breed.
    Most that actually work there dogs on that board dont talk like the dog is a mean dog.
    Hun I know two Border Collies who are SchH 3 dogs, I know a Jack Russell who is a SchH2 & has French Ring titles... list can go on..
    The JRT he is meaner then most dogs I know that are serious dogs.

    YOU couldnt be more wrong in the STATEMENT of Rottweilers, Doberman, Presa .. I know more of those dogs that wouldnt bite anything. Dobies have been ruins so little work anymore. Rotties 1/2 of them .. Presa are still in the world of my dog is tougher then yours phase .. You really need to do your homework before you bring breeds up that have been ruined

    We can play the B**ch fest all day .. but really I dont have time .. havent made time for the board till I was told someone was putting down my breed and it is parent that it will continue b/c so many do not know the breed....

    Have a nice day Tiger
  4. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Lol I never put the presa down I think there pretty awesome....and JRT are very prone to bite.....I never said they werent...I think you believe so much in your conviction sometimes you dont see reality....its not that presa are mean or out control nor are they vicious....but truth is that if not raised properly and looked after you have a chance of having a law suit on a leash...and a higher chance then your everyday mutt....they dont belong in the hands of inexperienced people just like alot of breeds of dogs reread what I said because you have seriously misconstrued any and all of my posts....I think you think my post and others are the same or I was backing up anyone ...and I wasn't.....I think alot of people are glad you lost time for the forum......:rolleyes:

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  5. I own one of debs Presa's that she has worked with. I can personally tell you this breed is not mean or aggressive, she is a great trainer and knows how to WORK her breed and other breeds she works with! I bought the dog, Artie, for my 8 year old daughter. I have seen no aggression with the dog, nor do I ever see the dog becoming aggressive.

    You can train any dog to be a "man" biter. I bet you I can teach my 3 lb chihuahua to take someone down. It's all on how you work, train, and breed the dog. For someone to sit her and bash the breed with little to no evidence to support your claim is malaise. I have seen other posts on her of dogs that kill a dog for getting "to close" to their property, or having people who play near a fence and their dogs get aggressive. To me this is bad training on the humans part. I have trained my ddb's to protect my yard if someone comes in, but not lunge at people walking by or trying to enjoy their backyard.

    This is my two cents and I'm leaving it at this, Presa's are not a mean breed, it's the people who own them that makes them mean

    Wyoming Dogue De Bordeaux
  6. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Tiger never said you put down the breed Mike did! Plain and simple

    Tiger aren't you the one that apologized to me on an email? We worked things out and here again you be mean

    I have a right to defend my beloved breed!




    Even when I put up about that guy who wanted me to test his dog I still said NO NAMES OR BREED

    All of you come after me and after mean and not one of my post have been at you!

    What a sad board to allow the few to be as cruel as you are.

    Keep it bc ill still train dogs, have my dogs do performance, decoy, and be in the world of dogs when you are all gone! Internet warriors even on this board.

    Go and train
  7. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Any dog can be a a problem if not raised properly or trained correctly. Including Boerboel or Presa. I have read of both being problems because of improper handling.

    BTW my dog only lunged at what she percieved was a threat. I man standing up and yelling at her. The other dog that bit the JR dog did not attack a passing dog it jumped on rthe fence barking and snarling and slipped through. Any breed of dog might have reacted the same.

    Deb I understand your passion for the Presa breed, and I am only conveying the deductions from what I read here and on news sources. I am sure they can be wonderful dogs, but because of bad press I would be cautious with a presa and I was hoping someone would join in the conversation and correct my assumption without going on the warpath and attacking me. Calling my ignorant is just calling me unlearned. But attacking others for my words is just uncalled for.
  8. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Yes I thought the water was clear between us I dont want to be mean but you did quote my post in your rant and I never once said anything "wrong"..and that makes me angry..and I love how you attack people and then act innocent when you get put in your place....noone is buying your BS everyone im sure read this thread and can see that you definitely lost your composure and started on both me and Mike...im done with this.....

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  9. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Mike I did not attack her and I stated it .. I quoted her by accident then went to saying things to both of you

    Tiger I never attacked you

    Frankly you all have attacked me more then I have ever attacked you .. You all think you are trainers but yet I have the degrees to prove I am .. I do my best and sometimes my words come out wrong as we all do when we type bc I type like I see it direct and we all read different .. We all know this is a fact!

    I will say it again as I have stated in so many other post, please have the owner of the board ban me if you truly feel I have not helped others on here bc I have proof in emails that I have helped many and most do not want me to go .. Just the lil click of folks so and we all know who they are....

    Ill be happy either way
  10. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    your big headed approach is what throws people off and noone attacked you lol this is like talking to a brick wall TBO...but ye..im a guy btw

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  11. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    I dont think training has anything to do with it. Or anyone thinking they are a trainer. Seems to me that is the exact opposite of what both are saying. Seems to me that the argument here is that if a Presa is NOT trained properly, they may be more than a handfull. How bout someone who knows presa answer something for me in strictly yes or no. No explanation, just yes or no.

    Untrained and un socialized correctly, would a presa be more appt to bite than a em, bm, or say a ddb?

    If the answer to that question is yes, seems both Mike and Tiger are correct in what they have said.
  12. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    No .. Reply to no .. Have had rescues who have no training come in and none aggressive. Most Presas are not mean at all but I will state depends on lineage of working state not vicious
  13. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Tiger I actually do not have a big head if you actually met me in person I am very humble and nice..
    I do have an education in training though and very proud of it...
    I will always defend my breed and I will always defend myself..

    An what is the point to say you are a guy or girl ..
  14. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    well then if thats actualy the case they aint all that hard of a dog I guess. I dont know nothing about them other than they look pretty good
  15. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Chuck I only came on this post to defend the breed bc none of the folks like Mike know the breed .. I have had for years now and I can say I have sold more Presas for not having the drive I want to work, so many were soft and made the folks who bought them great PETS. They have been watered down just like every other mastiff breed and all know that.
    I actually look for the hardest Presas I can find to work. Conan my male is the nicest dog in my yard and I can state for a FACT the only reason I kept him was bc he was an amazing Weight Pulling Presa. Bite work he will do but not like my female or his pup I have. I am honest when it comes to my breed. I am honest about the way my dogs meet standards. I am honest when it comes to the working that my dogs do ..
    I am the same way about my Malinois bc I have a beautiful female but for me she is to nervy so she is a pet for now till I can sell her, she will make a great Schutzhund dog not a PSA dog. My male Malinois nice dog hard as hell nerves like I wanted and its what I look for in a Presa!

    But all in all I can go off on all breeds on this board and the problems they have now when it comes to what they were designed to do and to what they do now but I don't bc they are not what I prefer but I still love training them and watching folks and the dogs make a great bond in the obedience world.

    Ok end of my rant
  16. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    See Deb this is why we value you as a board member. you have training and experience where most of us do not. You are a lot like me though when you are passionate about something you get riled up and blast away. You need to drop the shotgun and try a .22 so you get the point across instead of blasting a big hole in the room.
    I have a trainer for my dog and she will return to training as soon as weather permits it. If I had a Presa instead of a Boerboel I would have spent 4 to 5 years researching them instead of the BB, but one thing is clear, I would have had that dog in training as well. All my past dogs were of a type they could be trained at home but being the knowledge geek that I am I knew I could not do the same with Jade.
  17. Deb,

    I agree. Even though Artie would not do good in bite work, the bond that she has with my family in 5 days is beyond any. I also agree that ALL dogs have been watered down! It's the way they have been breed through the years.

    Everyone else,

    And to the person who asked if a presa would bite more than a ddb, em, ect. I would take my male ddb biting someone more than our presa. It's like all the bans going on with pits, I have also raised them along with dobermans and many other aggressive breeds (German shepherd are included in this) I don't socialize my dogs much due the idiots we have in our town, doesn't mean they are aggressive. All my dogs, presa excluded but she is only 6 months old and I will continue training, have been trained by me and me alone. But my dogs are no means aggressive or would I ever stand for it. You don't have to socialize a dog to make them not aggressive and all these dogs that are suppose "to be aggressive" are due to THEIR PEOPLE.

    So before we go bullying (which seems to be an issue in our schools and other places), lets set an example and grow up. Everyone has a right to defend their breed, and speak their minds on issues, but we should all act like adults also!!

    Wyoming Dogue De Bordeaux
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  18. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Mike I agree! I do get riled I think we all do when we are so passionate about something, someone, or ourselves.
    Thank you for the compliment I do love helping others, I did my education for just that. Half the time I walk up to people give them advice and walk away w/o ever telling them I am a professional trainer give them something that works and never getting paid.
    Guns lol .. I do have a shot gun, rifle & 9 mm. Haven't had a 22 since I was a kid lmao .. Maybe I need to ask my dad for it :)
    I do agree on trainer as you well know. In my contract for the pups I breed, sell or adopt have to do training it's just the way it is.

    Thanks again I am glad we can remain Internet friends
  19. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    No, some dogs are meant to be aggressive. They were designed to be and are breed to be. No different then a dog who is designed and breed to grab ducks out the water. Maybe not your breed, some breeds. I'm not sure who's being bullied by who here. Clearly you have a way different understanding of a bully than I do. Mike said what he said. Deb jumped down his throat, or at least worded it in a manner in which I thought(the guy who aint got shit to do with it)she was jumping down his throat. And essential said he, nor anyone should make a comment about a breed they have not owned. Be his comment accurate or scewed I dont know. But he has all the right in the world to explain the impression he has gotten from other presa owners, forums, articals, and or news reports. The best way to counter false info or scewed info is a logical explanation of the other side of the story. But by no means can any tell someone to essential shut up. Least not while thinking they actually need to and will.
  20. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    This would be why I made it extremely clear I'm a guy, my only thing is I was neutral and YOU quoted and attacked me...thats all

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