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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Jase, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. donethattoo

    donethattoo New Member

    I have had an itch to try a Tosa Inu. Anyone have an adult male that can give me some pointers. From what I have found on the internet everyone loves them for their family, but how do they work out with visiting grand kids, and great grand kids. I also understand that they are not persistant barkers, and were bred to fight silently. The guard dog that I lost recently did not bark at all, but was deadly when he reacted. He was also completely trustworthy when told someone was "nice".
  2. rachieb00

    rachieb00 New Member

    My 8 month old is an amazing alarm for anyone approaching the house or even walking past,same goes for when he's in the car but I do have doubts that he would actually be able to follow thru if anyone did get in.pretty sure he'd run and wee at the same time!
  3. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    If you ever stumble your ass into my gated yard, my dog will eat your face. And that makes me feel 12ft tall and bullet proof. Oh and tough....

    But rather than worrying about my old tough guy ass, a better question would be " why would you buy a GUARDian breed and expect anything other than for it to actualy guard"?
  4. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Wow this is an old thread. Boerboel should have been the answer. I wouldn't have a Fila for it uness you want to put him away everytime you had company. (But I am not versed in Fila either) EM's are typically not used as home guardians. Presa could work but I understand they can be aggressive like Filas. I wouldn't even try a Pittbull because I owned several, while 2 did an excellent job on intruders the others just were lap dogs. My Doberman was an excellent home guardian until he was 17 years old, he passed at almost 18. I have guns and consider them back up for my dogs. But I usually grab a sword on my way out the door, as vandals up here usually don't carry and there is something about a 250lb man with a 4 foot razor, and a 130lb dog that sems to make people just want to leave the area. The guns are for is they make it in the door alive.
  5. mx5055

    mx5055 New Member

    Wow Mike; lol. I was raised in Northern California, and I like nothing more than going home and up into the mountains to camp and fish. I'm so glad I've never grown attached to the mountains in Southern California :)
  6. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Mike that is bull that a good trained Presa can be mean like a fila!!!!
  7. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Was it not Presa's that killed that woman who was just going in to feed her daughters dogs? I don't know as much about both dogs as I do about the BB, but from reading the posts here and on different websites I see the Presa can be good or bad same as a Fila but a Fila is more likely to be a watchdog supreme.

    MX5055, there is nothing wrong with SoCal Big Bear, we just have basic B&E crimes like any other place. It has gotten worse in the past 10 years but I think it has just about everywhere.
  8. mx5055

    mx5055 New Member

    You're right, and mostly I was just teasing you :) I just had the vision of me camping in the woods and needing to find a privacy area and coming across you with your sword and 130 pound dog....well, I'm not a fearful woman normally, but the thought of that was a bit much!
  9. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    haha Cindy I knew you were pullin my leg. I am far enough away from the camp areas as to not have to deal with a wandering person on a potty break. But I am on a street where there are only about 6 occupied homes so bored teenagers might think it is a good place to b&e a car for some change or electronics. I have had to call the police 4 times in 2 months because someone was poking around my car. And one cop said something to the effect that when he saw me and Jade he wondered why I bother calling the police at all.
  10. mx5055

    mx5055 New Member

    I live in the city Mike so I do understand. It was just a funny image :)
  11. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    Fila's aint mean. They just have a specific job and that job is not liking humans they dont know AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Mike ANY dog can be good and bad and half of the bull folks write is ALL bull**** anyway

    I have had the breed 10 yes now and haven't seen a vicious one yet .. Serious yes
  13. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Deb I have not met any so I can only express from what I read. You having first hand experience with them would have a better understanding of the breed.

    Chuck you know they are just kittens that bark right?
  14. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Mike writing something you don't know would be like me writing all Pit Bull are vicious.. I could or would NOT say it if I didn't know the breed .. Not trying to fight just defending my breed!
  15. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Hey what happened to trainer help there Deb?

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  16. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Ok Deb, I thought you were just being playful and now once again I have to defend myself from you. I am writing from learned knowledge of cited attacks from the Presa breed. I was more than willing to not pursue the topic but as you pressed me into a corner I will press back.

    Diane Whipple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Woman Killed in Dog Attack
    Woman who rescued animals killed by dog - CBS News
    Two exotic breed dogs attack Sacramento man | news10.net


    Presa Canario kills FLA woman [TABLE="class: post-message, width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 1%"][/TD]
    [TD="width: 99%"]

    sad story [​IMG]

    Mauling victim owned Presa Canario dog for protection

    By Sallie James, Jennifer Gollan & Robert Nolin
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    August 22, 2006

    CORAL SPRINGS -- The huge guard dog named Xino had growled so many times in the past month, Lazaro Rivero was scared. He repeatedly warned his girlfriend, Shawna Willey, to be wary of the burly Presa Canario that they owned.

    "I kept telling her it's not normal your pet growls at you," Rivero said tearfully Monday, as he spoke publicly of the attack for the first time. "I told her that these are the same dogs that did something in California to a lady in an apartment. I told her, `We don't need these dogs.' But she was so fascinated by the dog because he was big."

    The 120-pound dog fatally attacked Willey on Friday as she bathed it, tearing out her jugular veins and biting her more than a half-dozen times on the back, arm and side while her 9-year-old daughter watched, police said. Officers shot the dog to death in the backyard of the couple's Coral Springs home in The Hills neighborhood.

  17. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    And BTW I did search to see if there were any deaths related to Boerboel attacks and after several searches I found one instance where a BB attacked and killed a woman in south Africa.
  18. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    what trainer help do i need to give when i have someone here who knows nothing about my breed state things he knows nothing of. Again we all can say a pit bull is a human killer b/c it has time and time again hurt or killed people. But do we no b/c it is the owner who does such stupid stuff.
    I frankly have no time to train mike if he wants to believe the internet and the stupid breeders we all have in our breeds go for it.
  19. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    mike i was not attacking you .. I only defended my breed. All i read is ignorance .. Keep attacking my breed .. Proud of yourself .. Its what raises the breed to be mean not the breed itself.
  20. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    No, my post had to do with a PM to you Deb...but I think that made aggressive any dog can be vicious.....but lets not be dumb here we cant think that there aren't some breeds that are more prone to biting man..APBT is the exception because of volume of them and the amount of BYB there number is high for that reason ....not to say presa are bad I think they need a strong owner like any of the PP dogs but I have heard of downright onery ones and ones that had to be returned to some really good breeders for being too much...now saying that when Kronos was a pup he would try and bite everyone and anyone as hard as he could..he would bite your hand and shake the hell out of it he was an evil thing and if I was to let him keep doing that stuff he would be a real problem...some people dont need hard dogs

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