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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Jase, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Lets keep it civil guys so this thread can remain open!
  2. Geisthexe

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    Chuck I agree there is breeds like Filas & even Neos (not here in the states) who are highly human aggressive, I am only using as examples.
    But this is the problem if you believe media, Internet hype, and some dumb board then you are not looking between the lines. Pit bulls are a big example of folks only believing they are killers bc of hype. The breed has been hurt and hurt by ignorance, so when folks start spreading what they no not of it adds to the ignorance being put out there.
    In all actual I didn't start by jumping down Mikes throat I said something and he took it the way he wanted and it was not mean at all. We both got pissed off and then the other decided to join in the fight. So the bullying came out. I have many on here that have emailed me asking why they are not allowing you to defend your breed when you know about them. I can not answer for others on that.
    It's all a shame for all the fighting

    Now I'm back to Walking Dead!!!
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    I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm talking to your buddy who thinks you are being bullied. I dont think you are. I certainly aint. I also dont think your wrong for speaking your mind. But the other side of that coin is Mike can speak his. Who's right or wrong does not matter in this regard. The better case wins the trial so to speak. Thats why it's important to have folks who are well versed in their breeds. To combat the ignorance if thats what it is. I dont know one way or the other. But I understand Mike thinking you were getting an attitude because thats how it came off to me. Same with Tiger. Thats not to say that was your intent. Maybe lost in translation. I dont know. I'm just calling it as I see it.
  4. Geisthexe

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    All typing can come off like what you see it to be but another take it a different way
    One thing about me is I am VERY DIRECT. I don't buffalo my wording and make is sweet never have.
    I like to get my point across and that's it but when it gets dragged out well I can say I get annoyed and yep I get riled

    But so many do even on this board

    Well all in all it's over and I'm liked and dislike this will always be!
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    Hey we had our talk and I even asked you for some guidence...that is true...and what you just said is literally what ive been saying the whole time....the other lol didnt join in the fight i said something completely different then Mike i just put in my 2 cents of my own thought thats all...you gotta chill

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    Ok people it's all about the smilies. do not forget to add your smileys! This is the only way we can convey anger or play because text does not convey emotions. :scared2:
  7. chuckorlando

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    And what in the world would make you think this group would not be civil young lady?
  8. chuckorlando

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    Just a little feeling I get haha.
  10. chuckorlando

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    Geez, can we have a disccussion without being harrased by the police!
  12. Cur

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    This x1000!!

    Get a shotgun :)
  13. Geisthexe

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    Cur, I have Two dogs that will defend the home, property and there person.
    But in the end I do have that shot gun .. Click click is all it takes :D
  14. Smart_Family

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    "The police" aren't harassing anyone. As long as everyone keeps being adults there's no issue.
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    Ve are alvays vatching you... :cool:
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    Well we know how competent Sergeant Shultzie was. He knew "nothink"
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    No, if you are thinking about the incident in Trotwood, they were actually 2 CC, the woman owned them and even the family does NOT believe the media story that was spun. If I remember correctly that it came out later she had had a heart attack and it was not the dogs that "killed" her. As for the Dianne Whipple case, do not get me started... That had nothing to do with breed and everything to do with sociopaths! That woman stood there, doing nothing while her dogs killed Dianne Whipple... Nothing, no call for help, no pulling the dogs off, she stood by and WATCHED the massacre... she waited until 10 minutes later to call the police. There was never any remorse for what happened. That was the deed of an owner who should NEVER have had dogs. The abuse that those 2 dogs underwent is appalling and included bestiality. Knoller and Noel are in jail, that there should explain a lot. That particular case should NEVER be brought up in a discussion about any breed. The Whipple case makes me see red and the use of it when discussing temperament is obscure as those poor dogs never stood a chance regardless of breed! I have to agree with Deb, making statements regarding breeds and their purpose should be left to those with experience in that breed. I know I get upset when I see people who have never owned or even met my breed making generalizations based on lack of knowledge. In fact, usually with my breed they get referred to by "those are the dogs that killed that woman in San Francisco..."
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    Thank you Cody!!!

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