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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Penelope's Mom, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Franklin as thrown up 6 times in the last couple of hours. He was fine when he got up. He went potty and played as usual. Now he's just laying around looking like he feels really bad. :(

    The first time he threw up it was partially undigested food from last night. Since then, it's been foamy spit and bile.

    Should I keep him off of his food until I'm sure he's feeling better? Do dogs get stomach bugs like people? Before this, he 's only thrown up twice in his whole life and only once each time.
  2. Sadies Mom

    Sadies Mom New Member

    Has he eaten something he should not have? You said you were going to change food, did you do so already?
  3. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    His new food hasn't arrived so he's still on the same food he's been on for the last four months or so and as far as I know he hasn't eaten something he wasn't supposed to.
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Is he able to keep down water? is he DRINKING water?
  5. Gregory5

    Gregory5 New Member

    When Vader was throwing up last month he refused water, but he would take ice cubes and that kept him a hydrated. I hope Franklin feels better soon!
  6. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    Bile indicates he needs food. Try some boiled hamburger or chicken with rice. Is he drinking water?
  7. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    He hasn't had water since he started throwing up. He hasn't thrown up again since I posted this, but he's still just laying there looking pitiful. He begged for my food, but when I tried to give him a bite, he didn't take it and that in itself is odd.
  8. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    If he continues to not be interested in water you'll want to not put off a vet visit beyond tomorrow at the latest. He'll dehydrate really quickly. You may want to see if you can get him to drink with some broth (homemade is easy, toss meat into a pan of water and boil till the meat's dead, cool, skim the fat, and give it to him).
  9. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  10. mountainfila

    mountainfila Active Member

    Get some electrolytes into him, its better then just straight water and will keep him hydrated a bit better, i wouldnt wait to long to get him into the vet or at least call a vet and ask them. If its hot then he will dehydrate alot quicker as ruth said. Refusing food and water are not a good sign, hows his tummy look to you does it look normal or does it look rounder then normal? Is he just laying there or is he restless , any panting , drooling besides after he has thrown up, has he had a bowel movement? Can you syringe water into his mouth a bit at a time and if he throws water up after that get him to the vet because it could be an obstruction. Maybe its not something he may have eaten today but it could be something that he ate a couple of days ago and it got stuck somewhere along the way out.
  11. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    He pooped this morning and it was fine. He's been sleeping all day. He's not restless and his stomach looks normal. He's not passing blood or mucous or anything like that. When he wakes up, he just lifts his head to make sure I'm still here and goes back to sleep. He didn't even wag when I walked in the room. If he doesn't get up soon to drink I'll try to find my syringe and give him some water.

    He's only been sick once in his life when he was a baby. He had puppy strangles, but got over that pretty quickly after a short vet visit, a shot and antibiotics. I'm not used to my boy being sick. :(
  12. fila4me

    fila4me Active Member

    poor Franklin.....hope he starts feeling better soon.
  13. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    I would call the vet tomorrow. It's Sunday which sucks meaning emergency hospital which will not be cheap. If he refuses the water today, then try again every hour or so. I would say if he refuses the water and doesn't drink by tomorrow morning, emergency hospital may be your only option.

    Personally, I hate emergency vets. I only go there when it's absolutely necessary.

    A dog can survive without water for 2-3 days in cool weather, hotter weather I would say they can survive without water for 1-2 days.

    Keep us posted.
  14. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Well, he got up, drank some water, played for a little while, tried to eat my daughters french fries, then threw up again. It was bright yellow bile. :( I gave him a can of his buffalo food and he scarfed it down pretty quickly since Deb said he probably needed to eat. Now he's laying down quietly since I never let him do anything after he eats. I hope he keeps it down.
  15. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    Sorry to hear Franklin's not doing so hot I hope he feels better soon. Hopefully its nothing serious.
  16. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Bright yellow bile MAY just be lack of food in his stomach, but....on the other hand that he was interested in eating is a good thing. Keep an eye on him!
  17. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Thanks DD. :)
  18. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Thanks Ruth. I will. :)
  19. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    This happened with Dozer once, we thought he had a blockage but later another vet said it was pancreatitis. He had gotten into some grease and it loaded him up real bad. I almost lost him overnight. Be very alert for dehydration and watch that his eyes stay alert. Dozer's glazed over and he actually fell on his side but continued to move his legs like he was walking. All they could do was hydrate and monitor him. Took 3 days to recover.
  20. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom New Member

    Wow Mike. That must have been scary! Poor Dozer.

    Franklin is sleeping now, he goes to bed promptly at 10...lazy dog. ;) I hope his food stays down but so far, so good.

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