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  1. RavensPack

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    My husband and I got a Mastiff * American Bulldog mix when she was 10 weeks old. Less than two days after we brought her home, she was diagnosed with parvo. She spent a week and a half in the hospital to get her healthy enough to go home from the parvo, kennel cough and dehydration/malnutrition. She was on medication for 3 weeks after.

    She came home at 12 weeks old weighing 12 pounds. It has been a long road getting her to eat. When we first came home she wanted nothing to do with wet food or treats. She would eat about 1-2 cups a day of Purina Pro Plan Puppy-focus large breed if we enticed her to eat (we had to turn it into a game to get her to eat… or add chicken broth). She never had a problem with the dry food. She got her appetite back around 13 weeks.

    At 15 weeks, we added some wet food because she hasn*t been growing much. We mixed 1/3 of a can of wet food (purina pro plan puppy) with 2 cups of dry food. She loved it. Only problem, is that it didn*t sit well with her stomach to a point where she had diarrhea multiple times a day and was extremely gassy and bloated (she was pretty much potty trained before this… now I feel as if we are starting over). We tried a smaller amount of wet food and the same thing happened. After 4-5 days, the vet told us to go back to just the dry food.

    She is currently 16 weeks old, eating around 4 cups of dry food per day. We used to leave the bowl of food down all the time because we wanted her to eat as much as she wanted throughout the day. The vet told us to start leaving it down for 30 min * 1 hour and then picking it up. We did this for a few days and she only ate 2-3 cups. She is slowly eating more, but we are back to enticing her to eat.

    Issue is…. She is skin and bone. Currently, she is 16 weeks old, 17.5 inches tall at the shoulder and only 20 pounds. I know parvo can cause havoc for 6+ weeks after… but I*m really worried about how small she is. The vet said he is happy with her progress and says she looks great considering her past.

    If anybody has gone through this or has any insight on what we could try to put some weight on her, we would appreciate it. Also, any ideas on what she should be weighing at this point… From the research I*ve done, I think she should be double what she is now.
  2. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    This is Raven at 16 weeks...

    Not sure if you will be able to see them very good. It is difficult to see because she is a black puppy...

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  3. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Well....keep in mind that putting on weight to FAST can be just as bad as to slow, so your vet may very well be right. I have no personal parvo experience.

    I gotta admit I'm not a fan of Purina, do you have other options availible to you?
  4. MayasMom

    MayasMom New Member

    Maya loves the food rolls that many of the brands have. I use them as treats and feed her kibble but this may be a better option than the purina moist food. Natural Balance is the kibble we feed and they make a food roll. it is moist and may be an option where you can mix it into her food so that it gives a softer option with the kibble. BTW- Maya is my pocket mastiff. She is extremely small for her age. At 6 1/2 months she is only in the 40lb range. We go for a follow up next weekend where I am hoping to see some nice weight gain.
  5. Al and Julie

    Al and Julie New Member

    my daughter dog is a parvo survivor she is not a mastiff so i cant compare weight. she is 16 months old. The battle of weight for us is never ending she slowly puts on weight but never seems like its enough. i have decided that as long as she eats and drinks and is healthy i am fine with it. i do toppers on her food to help her eat a bit more and have a schedule. if you snacked all day you wouldnt be hungry for your meals. as for topper i add stuff that forces them to eat their kibble
    ex. cottage cheese, flaked tuna ect and mix well. hope this help uploadfromtaptalk1397404354081.jpg i attached a pic of her

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  6. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    My pup had parvo I think when he was very young. I got him at 4 months and he was thin and had some bald patches on his fur. He also had worms when I got him. I fed him raw and now he's plump and greedy. As long as you feed them a good food the dog should turn out fine. Puppies should be fed 3x a day, although I only fed mine 2x a day and yes, remove the food after the dog hasn't eaten after a certain amount of time.
  7. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    Thanks everybody for the insight. We are looking at switching her off of the purina. That is just what the rescue claimed they were feeding her and with everything going on we didn't want to change too many things at once.

    Any suggestions for food? We are still looking for a reasonably priced option... We had read some good reviews on the 4 Health and the Kirkland brand dog food. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    giant breeds the big issue is the calcium and phosphorus numbers

    you want calcium between 1.0 - 1.8% (1.4 is ideal, but many foods only list the minimum number, so I generally recommend sticking on the lower side of the numbers)

    And you want a calcium to phos ratio of 1.2 to 1.0

    4health is better than Purina IMO. Mind, what really counts is what works best for the dog, so if he doesn't do as well on the 4health then its not the right food for him.
  9. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Oh, go SLOW with the change between foods, you're right, there's no reason to upset his system again!
  10. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    We have been looking at the Fromm brand more and more... any opinions?

    I've also had recommendations of pepcid or pepto while transitioning (esp after parvo)... as well as greek yogurt due to the probiotics
  11. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Years back I went through a patch of parvo dogs, it turned out I had a carrier dog. my last of the parvo pups was a Pitt/staff mix and she was reall bad when we got her back form the vet. Just skin and bones. We fed her the worst possible foods, human leftovers and Diamond brand lamb and rice. It took about a year for her to get to a proper look but she never did fill out like her sister did but she was very solid and lived a very long life despite the parvo and a 5 lb tumor that developed in her uterus. We did change her food later on and added lots of raw meats but continued the table scraps just to keep her weight up. She lived to be just over 17 years old.
    Here are pics of her right out of the vet, and one at 17 years old.
    Pepsi&Alderon.jpg psmiles.jpg
    Now her sister.

    Parvo is had on the dogs but with dedicated care they can recover. Some will not show any hint of ever having it but others like Pepsi will be stunted.
  12. Big Dawg

    Big Dawg New Member

    We use 4 health large breed for the Mastiff mixes and the Rottie. They tolerate it well with some gas lol. Lots of good stuff for joints in the large breed formula.

    The Rottie had parvo as a pup and we fed her raw for 6 months while she recovered. It took that long to get her to a healthy weight. We slowly built up her exercise routine to assure we didn't put to much stress on her system (growing and recovery takes time.)
  13. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    Would anybody recommend the raw diet for a while? My husband had suggested it a while back but I just disregarded it, honestly...

    What did you feed the puppy and where did you get the raw food? How much did you feed them and how did you prepare it?
  14. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    A few of us on here feed raw. If you can do it I do think that it is the best for dogs but it is not for everyone. According to where you live it can be expensive. I live in Texas and it is pretty cheap for me. A freezer is almost a must. If you are serious about trying raw there are a lot of threads talking about it on this forum. Read up on it, then ask questions. There are a lot of people on here that will try to help you.
  15. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    We are in Florida and already have a deep freezer with plenty of room ... I will definitely read up on it tonight
  16. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    I feed raw, and agree, well done its great for dogs. But definetly do some reasearch. Most of us on here feed Prey Model and there are quite a few threads on it on here.
  17. mpeter7897

    mpeter7897 New Member

    I just wanted to comment mostly because my pup is also a mastiff/American bulldog mix! Also, I wanted to say that if your Costco has Nature's Domain brand, it might be a good one to switch to. It is the most reasonably priced grain-free brand we found (and I think grain free is really important to avoid a whole bunch of stomach issues). The other thing we give our pup when he's having stomach issues like loose stool or gas is plain canned pumpkin. One time, he got really sick with horrible diarrhea for a week straight. Nothing helped until we gave him pumpkin--it fixed him right up, and he loooves it. Lastly, I just wanted to mention that our pup is a LOT smaller than we thought he would be. At 18 months, he is "only" 110 lbs. We figured he would be more like 150, because his dad (the mastiff) was HUGE. We still feed him 3x a day, and he eats 2 cups of dry food at each meal, and is in really good shape. Just something to keep in mind as she grows. I don't know any other mastiff/American bulldog mixes, but our dog is a shrimp compared to most mastiffs! :)
  18. RavensPack

    RavensPack New Member

    If I chose to go raw, how much food would I start with? I read some recommendations (2-3% of current ideal body weight... 10% of body weight for a puppy until 20 pounds...). I guess I just know where to start because she is so small for her age from the parvo... We want to put weight on her at a healthy pace.
  19. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Not current ideal body weight it is adult ideal body weight, but puppies can fool you. Odi went through a week of 10 to 15% of expected body weight that is if he will be 150lbs. He was eating 5 to 7 lbs of meat a day for a week. I actually had to start feeding him 2 cups of kibble at night to compensate for his sudden growth spurt and was able to keep his raw meat between 3 and 5 lbs a day.

    You feed them heavy for a few days or a week and if the last 2 ribs disappear then you cut back just a little until you start seeing those last 2 ribs again.
  20. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Yup, what Mike said, 2-3% (I usually just say 2.5%) of the "estimated adult weight" AND tell you to adjust from there. Individual dogs vary, you're going to feed him enough to keep him in ideal body condition.

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