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  1. Hello!

    My husband and I have done a lot of research and have decided that a Cane Corso will be our puppy. We have contacted the CCAA and have spoken to a few breeders in order to ensure that this is the breed for us. After much discussion we are happy to note that we definitely will be getting a Corso. Now we're giving ourselves a lot of time to prepped and have everything we need on hand. We are currently chatting with a few breeders but would like your help and opinions. We definitely want a reputable breeder who runs all the health tests, temperament tests and has happy healthy dogs!

    Please feel free to share your advice, thoughts and even your own suggestions of reputable breeders. Distance is not an issue for us. Anywhere in the United States, we live in NC.



    Thank you!!!
  2. al capone

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    I bought my CC from Vicky at Gator County Cane Corso.She has had many GGC from AKC ,males and females.My dog is just right as i ask her i wanted to be my CC
    She is very close to Daytona,Florida
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    Welcome to the forum! We have Cane Corso and have worked with a few great breeders in the US. Potrero Cane Corso is fabulous, Gabe and Alexia are great, they are active in showing and working their dogs and health test their stock. They are always willing to help/talk about the breed, and work hard to ensure their dogs are great ambassadors for the breed.

    I have worked with, used dogs in my program from Windy Pine Cane (Bonnie Spiece), PrideNJoyz Cane Corso (Krissy Sauers), Firehorse Cane Corso (Ron & Jen Hoser), Rivale Cane Corso (Carlos Colon), Italica Cane Corso (Zoe DeVita) and have had good dealings with them all. The following are kennels I would recommend based on knowledge, health testing, and extensive conversations in regards to programs and pairings and will likely use dogs from their kennels in the future should they have any that match what I am looking for, Royal Cane Corso (Ashley Gerber), Stoneheart Cane Corso (Christy Six)
  4. Thank you so much for this! We are looking for a family pet above all. We want a companion and my husband might enroll him in some obedience/agility training as well. So it's important that our dog have a balance of drive and calm. If you can offer any advice that would be much appreciated!
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    All litters have pets in them and most in this breed can likely compete in obedience easily enough. Agility you want to make sure they are doing the health testing on their hips, elbows, etc. to hopefully get you the most sound puppy to do what you ask. There is debate on if those breeding 140+ corso can compete this way for long due to the weight on their joints but mine aren't that heavy so I can't say if that would be an issue or not. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to let me know.
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    I’m looking for reputable Cane Corso breeder in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana area. Are any of these breeders in this area?

  7. I am sorry that I never wrote back to you. I lost my login to this site then honestly forgot about it until recently. You took the time to write back and provide information. We are expecting our pup this december. My husband and I had to move for work purposes and the timing never worked out. Finally our little fur baby will be here so I wanted to say thank you!
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    Great I am happy for you! If you don't mind may I ask where you got you CC pup from?

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