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cane coro

  1. J

    Cane corso weight

    Hello, I own a 2 year old cane corso who weighs just over 50kg and have been told he is overweight by a vet when researching this is standard for a cane corso can someone give me insight on this
  2. O

    Straw Cane Corso

    Hi! 🤚 Meet Kloud ☁️ He's an imported straw Cane Corso. We are new to the group and would love too see your puppies/dogs 🐾 Also would love to hear any tips or advice! He's all around a good pup. He can escape from the crate! Literally chews the cage and is breaking "baby teeth" this...
  3. C

    Experience with multiple males in household?

    Hi everyone! Looking for feedback. I have a 2yo intact male Corso and want to keep a male from his litter (10wks). I was told that when both are adults they will constantly fight and better not to have 2 males in the home. Temperament of my 2yo is laid back and chill, but alert. Puppy is showing...
  4. Jacksmom

    Hello Mastiff Forum - meet Jack

  5. Tracyhc

    Having issues with my cc on walks, she won't walk far only round the block and that's it. Why!?

    I'm having problems with walking my now 2 yrs old female cc, I have actually has a few issues with my girl but I worked hard to correct these issues it's just when on walks she won't go by any main roads or even in any other roads, I can't walk her more than 10 mins and she just stops still if I...
  6. J

    Awkward growth stages?

    Hi all, I am wondering if you can give me advice. I am a notorious over worrier. I am aware that CC often grow very awkwardly during their transition from puppy hood to adult hood. I was wondering if there are any things you noticed during your CC growth that you worried about but was just...
  7. Z

    Importing a CC

    Hi guys! - UK CC owner Just wanted to find out if anyone here has had any experience in importing a CC from Europe (Romania specifically). Our fist CC was bred in the UK so was just a quick drive to Essex. We have a deposit on 2 more CCs (one for me and one for my cousin) which we’re bred in...
  8. K

    Raw + Kibble

    Hey all! Brand new to the forum and new to the Cane Corso breed. Previously a Boxer owner until my buddy passed in January. I've got some questions concerning feeding my pup raw and kibble. Here's my idea and what I know so far: I want to feed him raw for his evening meal and a high quality...
  9. Canis-Pugnax-Siciliano

    Best Mastiff as a First Dog

    What's the Best Mastiff as a First Dog, like for a first time owner. I've fallen in love with the cane corso, but and open to other breeds. But no small dogs!
  10. Canis-Pugnax-Siciliano

    Cane Corso For first time Owner

    Many people say this isn't a dog for first time owners, but I still want to get one in the future, do you think it would be ok provided I do the research on the breed beforehand? I'm not a complete newbie as I have taken care of my families big dogs (Pastore Maremmano) and have an assertive...
  11. C

    Looking for a reputable breeder

    Hello! My husband and I have done a lot of research and have decided that a Cane Corso will be our puppy. We have contacted the CCAA and have spoken to a few breeders in order to ensure that this is the breed for us. After much discussion we are happy to note that we definitely will be getting...
  12. Mag-Pie

    Took my CC for a walk, and ended up with a broken finger. (Long rant)

    Hello everybody. I'd like some advice. It's been a tough week. And I'd like to apologize ahead of time for the long rant. Here is a quick recap of my CC: Luther, is about 16 months old now, when I got him just a little over 2 months ago he had/has some dominance and fear-aggression issues, and...