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I think....I'm back! It has been a long 20 days or so only being able to check in when I drove into town and my cell service was good enough to get me in. Looks like I'm back at home, wooohooo!Looks like I still cannot format or post pictures but I'm glad to be back!

Pastor Dave

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I am having such problems trying to put a picture on a threat?? Any suggestions? I just asked Cinnamon about this.
Have you tried photobucket? I think today or tomorrow I will make a thread with screenshots on how to post images from photobucket. Keep an eye out for it. Or maybe someone with some better computer skills and/or screen capture software can make a simple video to share?


Copying and pasting the Photobucket


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Another big issue most everybody seems to be having is paragraph breaks- or lack thereof. I's very difficult to read through a wall of text... :( I hope this is being addressed...?
Thanks to all who work so hard to maintain this forum. It is terrific even at this point! The other forums I am members on also have their glitches. This forum welcomes all. The diversification is supper. I, as some may know considered a EM or BM a few years ago. I felt a Lab would be the best choice for us in our situation. We had a wonderful BM for 9 yrs . Moses was over 10 when he passed.
Of course I am on Lab forum. There aren't any collie forum's, sheltie yes.
It's funny how comfort level on forum's is, to me, similar to how I can feel interacting with people in person, or I don't. Same with different forums.

My latest forum is hearing aids. I am on my 3rd pair. Even though much of their reading is complicated to me, I learned much to make my decision.

Thank You all for your kindness and information.