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Thinking about getting a boerboel


New Member
I just lost my 12 1/2 year old bullmastiff in November and I’m interested in getting a Boerboel just wondering from a boerboel owners prospective how much different in temperament they are


Well-Known Member
Had 2 boerboels both went past 12 years.. Both farm dogs that served us VERY well.. Wanted another but the $$ they want we couldn't swing.. We now have a CC x BM and she has a whole lot more energy than I recall the Boerboels having but it was 15 years ago to recall.. The old girl, the male was brindle..

Kyle S

Well-Known Member
I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

I lost my dog about a year ago, and I know getting my new pup helped me more than I thought it would. I love him so deeply.

While I don’t have a BoerBoel I watched tons of videos on them and I absolutely love them. They seemly are calmer than a CC or Bull mastiff. I find them to be incredibly impressive and imposing looking dogs. Very protective and long working lines within them.

Any mastiff you choose , is a good one.
I look forward to your journey.

Best regards


Well-Known Member
Once boerboel always boerboel :)
Agree! Side note about a Boerboel - our girl is really coming into herself. Daisy is a year old and it rings true that this breed should not be the first giant breed for beginners. She is very loyal and extremely sweet with family and friends. She is well worked and exercised but she is challenging. She requires A- LOT! Each day she becomes more confident with guarding, protecting-her strength is incredible. I’m certain she is well aware that she is stronger than me but her loyalty and my love for her keeps her in check. Physical reinforcements is a NO! I imagine a CC is quite similar. Positive reinforcements, exercise, socializing- Her on leash manners needs work- we’re getting there! Her off leash protection at our friends farm is incredible. She never leaves our side and is on constant alert. I’ll try to download some videos next weekend. Yes kingmark-once Boerboel-always Boerboel!