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    Oh no I fully agree, it just didn't make sense I've absolutely walked barefoot on driveway black top that's been in the sun in 80 degree weather and it's warm but still no where near damaging skin hot, it just depends on sooooo many variables besides just temp, so I'm gonna have to agree with others if it hurts my feet my pups don't walk on it, which was how I did it while we were in south Florida as the climate is so different from New York
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    I read somewhere that you should take your shoes off and see if you can comfortably stand still in one place for five minutes barefoot. If my bare feet can't handle it then I agree I don't want to do that to my pups.
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    We walk early in the morning and in the evening around dusk, and we stick to shady roads or wooded trails. Ivy does get much more tired in the heat so I limit our walks to about 20-30 minutes in high humidity and on warm days. If it's 90 and I can't get out until afternoon, we don't go. I find my girl still prefers to stay outside no matter what, but she's like a tired toddler. If I make her come inside to the air conditioning and put her in the crate for a few hours, she'll sleep all afternoon and go out again when the shade covers most of the yard and the sun isn't so high.
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    I live in Florida and I walk my boys in the evening IF it cools enough. Right now in August, that isn't a daily occurrence. I have an English Mastiff and a Great Dane. Ruger (Mastiff) doesn't tolerate the extreme heat well and I will not force him to. I wouldn't risk heat exhaustion in the name of exercise. Mine do get exercised a couple times a day besides being walked but I prefer in the heat of summer to do so in the yard so they can go into the AC when they want or need to. Magnum (Dane) is white and has no pigment and will fry in the sun. He doesn't mind the heat and loves to play so I have to monitor him and stop him to keep the heat from getting the best of him. Ruger plays fast and hard and gets tons of exercise in a short period and knows when he is getting too hot and goes inside and I allow him to make the decision.

    The temp is bad enough but the humidity here can zap a person or animal in a hurry.

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