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Schuyler Nebraska approves restrictions for multiple breeds


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After 10 months of discussion Schuyler Nebraska has finalized and passed their new ordinance relating to dangerous dogs. *They have gone breed specific. The targeted breeds are*Pit bull terrier,*Staffordshire terrier,*Staffordshire bull terrier,*Dogo Argentino,*Presa*Canario,*Cane Corso,*American Bulldog,*Chow Chow,*Doberman Pinscher,*Rottweiler,*American Bandagge. When asked … Continue reading →



Well-Known Member
"Vicious breeds" HA! While I admit that I do not have experience with every single breed they have listed, I have owned a pitt bull terrier and a chow chow, and had relatives that owned 3 rotties. The Rottweilers were the biggest babies I've ever seen(aside from their Great Dane), and my Chow and Pitt were two of the best dogs I've ever had. Not once did my pitt bull ever show even the slightest sign of aggression. My chow did initially display food aggression but my mom was very quick to break that habit and after that he was known as the family pillow(he loved to lay right under our heads, he would just wiggle right under our pillows). Yup, they sure sound "vicious".


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Yeah, you're right :)
In my defense it was 3am my time and I had been startled awake by the cat doing something stupid. Decided to hop on and check out some of the posts before going back to bed. I barely even remember writing that post, hahaha!
Regardless, aside from the misspellings, I meant what I said.