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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Savanna, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Savanna

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    Hi! My Corso puppy is 13 weeks old and just got her ears cropped today. They don’t seem to be bothering her much at all but she has started to roll and it’s bending the wire forms holding her ears upright. I’m wondering if I should get her a cone collar to maybe prevent this? Last thing I want is for her ears to grow crooked or flipped over. upload_2020-8-11_18-13-16.jpeg
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    I've only got experience with ear crops on Dobermans, but:

    That setup on your cute Corso's ears looks like it's designed to not have tape covering the incisions. If so, that's good (and you're actually ahead of most Dobe owners and what veterinarians send them home with!)

    As for preventing her from bending the forms, that's a tough one. My current Dobe would constantly bend the backer rods in his ears by laying on them when sleeping. The backer rods were wrapped in 1/2 dozen layers of tape yet he still bent them and thus they popped out.

    Maybe instead of a cone you could try one of those inflatable rings that go around the dog's neck? Maybe this would keep the pressure off the ears as she rolls?

    At any rate, at this stage it's so early that I wouldn't be worried about things. Many Dobe owners just leave the ears completely down to flop around until the stitches are out and the incisions healed before they even start to post. (and with Dobes, we're obviously talking about longer ears that are harder to get to stand) So I assume it's easier with Corsi.
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    In the boxer world (also long crops) a lot of breeders like molefoam. It would leave the stitches uncovered and still give extra support to the inside of the ear. Like BattleDax said, it's still very early. In case you haven't been told this, ears tend to go wonky during teething. Really strange things happen. Don't freak if that happens to your girl. She's lovely, btw, and welcome.
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  4. mmmcc

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    i had a cone on him for 7-10 days. Tough but we survived

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