New to the group and the breed

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Michelle Lennox, Apr 29, 2021.

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    New to the group and to the breed
    A little back story. Our 12 yo female chocolate lab passed unexpectedly on 3/28/21. My hubby hemmed and hawed about getting another dog, until last weekend. A friend of ours got 2 brothers and there was a sister left. My hubby was interested in her, but he thought she was a black lab. We inquired on her and fell it love. A few things happened over the corse of the day that made it even more clearer that she was meant to be ours. So on Saturday we got my husband a new puppy(by we, myself and our 4 adult daughters). Mom is German Shepard and dad is cane corso. Lucy Lou is 6 weeks old
    For the most part she is doing really good potty training. Only issue we are currently having is the biting and nothing is stopping her or even fazes her. I’m not sure what to do as our lab never did this nor has our 2 rat terriers. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    How I stopped my pups from biting is I would distract them with something they can bite down on.....some of my dogs I even took an old sock and stuffed it with denim .... gave them something soft to bite down on and they learned to bite softly too. I never left my pups alone with they sock.... I always supervised them so they didn’t eat it.

    With this positive training they soon learned if they wanted to play with humans they had to have a toy.

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