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Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by sjdavenport, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    I thought I would start a thread for Juno. Out of all my creatures, she is the one that always keeps me on my toes!

    Here is when we went to her breeder's house to visit her as a kitten (she doesn't let her kittens go until they're 16 weeks). She was so shy and demure then.....ALL LIES!!


    And more photos (some more flattering than others, lol):

    000 (2).jpg 029.jpg 046.jpg 116.jpg
  2. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

  3. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    In the bearded dragon tank:

    1526220_10152101187638162_1308395763_n.jpg 1622777_10152214369568162_202014950_n.jpg 10444435_10152503344948162_5458772140023957878_n.jpg 20130522_145448.jpg
  4. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    Last ones for now!

    IMG00014-20110521-1622.jpg IMG00574-20120429-1140.jpg IMG00633-20120528-2246.jpg j.jpg photo-4.jpg
  5. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    She's so cute! I love to see her in her little sweaters. :)
  6. Jakesmum

    Jakesmum Well-Known Member

    She is very sweet. How did you manage to get her to wear a collar, I've tried to get Harry to wear one and he refuses, he gets it off and tries to hide it on me. I have to have a breakaway clasp on his because I swear he dislocates his jaw to get his teeth under it and has gotten stuck before.
  7. TricAP

    TricAP Well-Known Member

    She is adorable and what great pictures! I had to laugh at the one with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - that one put me to sleep too!
  8. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    Her first collar we got her wasn't the breakaway kind. I literally put it on her on our road trip home from picking her up from her breeder. I think she was likely overwhelmed with all the scary changes happening, and the collar was just an afterthought. She never really bothered it. We've used the breakaway kind ever since then. My other cat was 12 years old the first time we put a collar on him (when I moved from my mom's house in the country to an actual neighborhood, I'm paranoid about him trying to slip out the door). Between the two of them, about once a month one of them manages to get the collar off while grooming. We just have a bunch of spares with IDs that we stick on them til we find wherever they've hidden the collar, lol. So there's no escaping it! Cats are just so crafty.
  9. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    But they're all so good! Ok, well the teen angst thing does get a bit tedious...
  10. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    The relationship that her and Mazey share looks adorable. I love the pictures of them curled up together.
  11. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    She and Mazey were only children together for about a year before Atlas, then my other cat, and then Rhaegar came along, so Juno definitely still loves Mazey the best. They curl up, and Mazey will lick Juno for a while, then Juno will groom's so cute. She really likes Atlas too, tolerates our other cat fine, but still isn't Rhaegar's biggest fan, lol. When we visit my mom, who has a ton of cats, she really, really hates the cats, but will love on my mom's two large dogs no problem. Pretty sure she thinks she's one of the dogs.
  12. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    lovely looking kittie but i wish i could look at them withoug getting cold shivers,il never concor my fear,people laugh when i run from them they look at my dogs and cant understand how i can be so scared lol
  13. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    Juno gets a little overenthusiastic about her food....

  14. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom Well-Known Member

    I just love your Juno!
  15. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Moderator

    She is adorable.

    Do you really have to bathe them weekly and clean their nails?
  16. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    Each sphynx is different in how frequently they need to be bathed. It depends on how much oil they produce. Their skin still secretes the normal oils, but they don't have the hair to absorb it. We're really lucky with Juno, she really only needs to be bathed monthly. I think it's probably because she has really short peach fuzz rather than being completely hairless. Her light parts start looking dirty when she's in need of a bath though. We also haven't had any problems with gunk building up around her nails. I just have to soap up and rinse them in her bath. I know with some sphynxes you have to actually wipe down each nail (which does not sound fun). The worst part for us used to be keeping her ears clean. She was always producing a ton of goopy wax. When we started giving her probiotics daily, the goop completely disappeared. She's completely fine with her bath, but growls the entire time I dry her off afterwards, lol.

    Bath time!
    012.jpg 005.jpg 003.jpg 007.jpg
  17. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Moderator

    How dare you make her share a bath with (gasp) a DOG!!!!

    DH has always wanted a Sphynx, but I have been skeptical on what I have read.

    Sunburn from lying in the window, sweaters in the winter, and the weekly baths and cleaning.

    Although I have to admit I am more intrigued the more I read.
  18. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    Awe I love the foodstache pic! The Sphynx seems almost dog-like from the pictures that you post!

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  19. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    She is definitely like a dog in a cat suit. I think the lighter colored ones (I'm not a huge fan of the solid pink ones anyway) are the ones susceptible to getting sunburn from sitting in the window. Juno sits in the window all day every day, and has never been sunburned. She does, however, have tan lines, lol. If you look closely in the last picture of her in the bathtub, you can see her alternating light stripes and dark stripes. That isn't dirt, it's tan lines from where her shoulders wrinkle up when she's sitting in the window. As for the sweaters, we do occasionally put one on her on especially cold days, but it always really pisses her off. She seems to get along fine by sleeping under the covers (although sometimes she gets stomped by the dogs) or in her cat beds.

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