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Mastiff-forum: Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. Mastiff-forum.com maintains the site and is responsible for maintaining User privacy. Mastiff-forum.com's information gathering and dissemination policy is disclosed below:

Unless expressly required by law or as stated below, Mastiff-forum.com will never sell or divulge Contact or Database information, nor will it sell or trade any personal information for purposes of telemarketing, list brokering, bulk ground mail or email listing ("spam").

Contact Information: Some services offered by Mastiff-forum.com require certain information (such as a User's name and email address). Supplying this information is at the User's voluntary and adult discretion.

Third Party Privacy: Some services included on this website are provided by third parties who have their own Privacy Policies. Although we review these policies to ensure they meet with our approval and standards, the User is solely responsible for determining the acceptability of these policies as they apply to the User.

Communication: Mastiff-forum.com may use Contact Information to contact Users when necessary regarding their forum participation or signup, submission information or other service issues, advise of new company and website features, and advise of particular User benefits and information. Use of this site constitutes consent by users to receive communication from Mastiff-forum.com. Although messages sent to and from persons on the site by email or private message are to be considered private, if there is abuse reported by any system, public or private, on the site, certain monitoring procedures may occur if deemed necessary.

Removal of User Contact Information: With the exception of information considered public record, Users wishing to remove any of their personal information from Mastiff-forum.com's databases may contact the site administration and state their wishes. However, we will not remove your user account or your posts.