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Introducing the new "Profanity Filter"


Well-Known Member
Re: Introducing the new "Profanity Filter"


Ok, so if I turn it on it replaces the "fuck" and "shit" with $@&! But not the hell and damn. And when I turn it back off again I see the originally typed words.

Works for me!

Personally though, the profanity I've seen here doesn,t bother me, and if I'm going to go on a serious profanity laden rant I'm going to go elsewhere anyway.


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Re: Introducing the new "Profanity Filter"

Like how you just came & spit it out in descending order...

May we have a list posted here of words that will be blocked?

Some things are necessary on a dog forum--like bitch & hump etc--I am curious to know where the limits are for 'profanity'

Everything loads too slow for me to keep trying to test to see what works & what doesn't.