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Help with an Neopolitan Mastiff training


New Member
We moved from 26 acres in NY to a house on less than an acre in Delaware with neighbors.

Our 6 yr old male sleeps in a crate in the garage and I think he likes the crate. He is messy with slobber, still chews things like plugs and batteries and does not like to walk on bare wood floors (feels unsteady).

He wakes up before first light and may howl or whine. I wake up and come into the garage, open the crate and as soon as he notices me he stops. And he is not particularly interested in getting out of the crate. He will after awhile.

Training advice says to tell him to be quiet and after he is quiet for several seconds give a treat. But he is quiet as soon as he notices me. I am thinking he is howling or whining as he wants me to come and pet him. He needs to be trained to know I will also come back even if I am gone for awhile.



New Member
I think he does a lot of his howling or whining to get attention from me. I want him to be quiet to not disturb neighbors and sometimes give him attention to quiet him down. When I should ignore him until he is quiet.


Super Moderator
Staff member
I think hes lonely and bored, hes had a lot of change hsppen also, was he in the house before you moved.
Not trying to sound mean, but why keep him in the garage in a crate? Dogs are smarter then a lot of people think. Maybe he feels like he is not part of the pack since you have his crate in the garage? Put his crate in your room and see how that works. Dogs are like little kids sometimes, I'm not saying you do not love your dog, but maybe the garage thing is giving him some bad vibes?


Well-Known Member
Mastiffs are family dogs. Most don't like to be separated from their people. Can you tell us what is living situation was at your other home? Was he in the house? Where does he stay during the day? Before offering training advice, it's important to get a better understanding of the whole situation.