Hello I need advice about mutiple dogos

Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by ruthcalderon242424, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. ruthcalderon242424

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    Hi there so I currently own a 2year old female dogo argentino,I need some advice she had a litter of ten. I kept two females puppies who are now about 4 month. As of now everyone gets along, Does Anyone knows if this will cause a problem having 3 female dogos ? can they end up fighting each-other ? should I only keep one female puppy? is it possible for 3 female dogos to co exist with each-other any advice from experience dogo argentino owners would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance
  2. Boxergirl

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    Welcome to the forum. I don't think it's really about the breed, but more about the fact that females are ... well, they're bitches. Females, in my experience, tend to have more issues with household aggression than males when they reach maturity. I also don't think altering affects that much. When I worked in rescue we wouldn't do female-female household placements for exactly that reason. This was boxer and all breed rescue, but I honestly don't think breed has that much to do with it.

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