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Farmers Insurance discriminating against breed


Well-Known Member
I got a notification of a new petition on Change.org regarding Farmers Insurance. According to the petition, Farmers Insurance is testing out a new policy to ban coverage regarding Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. I thought I would share that here because I know a lot of you are against breed discrimination.
Here's the link to the petition where you can read more about the issue at hand:
Petition | Farmers Insurance: Leave breed discrimination out of your policies! | Change.org


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Yeah, I was pretty taken aback when I first read it. Then I did some research and it turns out that a lot of home owner's insurance companies either won't insure you, or raise your rates if you own certain breeds. I had no idea that HOMEOWNER insurance could dictate what kind of dog you had. When are people going to start blaming the owners for aggressive behaviors instead of always looking for a canine scapegoat?


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They aren't really dictating what breeds you can have. You can have whatever breed you want, they just won't insure it. If you're responsible and there are never any incidents you don't have to worry about insurance anyways.

I called my insurance when I got Lincoln and I was already covered up to $50K for him in my regular premium. They won't insure higher than that even if I wanted to pay more. Can't remember if they refused to cover any particular breeds. I have All State.


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when I got my homeowners they asked if I had any Pit Bulls.of course I didn't at the time,just 2 Filas,4 Dogos and 2 Eng. Springer Spaniels!!haha, if they only knew!Two years later I got my Pit Bull and then started rescuing them.I just never told them what I had.As, a Pit Bull owner and supporter,we have fought very hard to get things like this changed
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