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  1. Good evening,

    I have a 9 month old female dogo and she is about 65-70lbs. She is about 23 inches tall.
    Is she undersized for a dogo? Her mom was 95lbs and her dad was 105lbs. I feed her Orijen 6fish and she does not seem to put on weight. I have attached some photos.

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  2. Courtney H

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    Can I just say how beautiful she is?!

    I honestly don’t know much about Dogos, but my female Corso is small for her breed. She had a growth spurt and then grew really slow after that. She’s averaging about 83 pounds and she will be 3 in February. I don’t mind, though. She’s perfect the way she is. :)
  3. Thank you so much! Your pup is beautiful as well!
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  4. JayC

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    Our Dogo is just over 10 months old and a little under 100 lbs, but he looks kinda skinny in the hips. I'm not sure if this is the 'skinny teenager' look or if he is on the light side.

    We were feeding him the Acana Large Breed Puppy, which is the slightly less expensive, less protein version of Orijen, and he does not have proper poops on that food. He is either like a snow cone machine or all liquid. How is your dog on the Orijen? Do they seem to be processing it well?

    Our boxer was on Orijen for years and did fairly good, so we tried the Acana. His coat was great but his stool was soft or loose much of the time. We have been told that higher protein foods can do this too dogs. Not sure if others have heard this.
  5. Sounds like he is going to be huge. Male Dogos don't reach maturity until 3 years old. My pup did not seem to like Orijen that much. I think it was too rich for her. I switched her to Zignature and she loves it. Its relatively inexpensive but very high quality. I never fed my pup puppy food. Shes doing very well on Zignature Kangaroo and Zignature Trout and Salmon.

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