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Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Sullyrules, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Sullyrules

    Sullyrules New Member

    [HR][/HR] Does anyone know of any rescue organizations that are specifically working to rescue dogs of this breed?
  2. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    You can try:

    DC Dogos
    Dogo Argentino Rescue Network
    FODARN for Dogo mixes
    Dogo Argentino Club of America Forum DACA Interactive Forum - Dogo Argentino Rescue Message Board
    Dogo Argentino Society International Forum but not much happening on there Rescue Dogos | Dogo Argentino Society International Forum
    Big Love Rescue Rescue

    Check shelters and networks around Florida. There seem to be new sorry cases needing rescue weekly down there. I don't know what the hell is going on.
  3. Sullyrules

    Sullyrules New Member

    Appreciate the reply, I hooked up with the dogo rescue network so hopefully we will find a good match soon.
  4. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    there are some major cuties in rescue!! good luck!

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