Does he miss us? Whether he remembers us? What should I do?

Discussion in 'The Bullmastiff' started by Elizaveta, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. Elizaveta

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    Hi! I'm Liza and I have a nice, kind, smart, beautiful bullmastiff. Or I had...
    The matter is, slightly more than one year ago my family moved to another country. The relocation was unexpected, we were hasty in moving. Our new country has a very strict policy concerning bringing pets, we couldn't take our lovely boy with us at that moment.
    Instead, we made a rabies antibody titer blood test and there was nothing more for it but to wait for 6 months.
    We were pretty positive that after those 6 months we would be reunited.
    By the time the blood test became legal, the boundaries had been closed. There weren't any options. We were tracking the situation all the time.
    All this time our dog is with my parents. They do cherish him. He is never alone, he follows his granddad and grandma everywhere. There is only one flaw in their care: unfortunately, they cannot provide him enough physical activity as they are not so young. They increased the number of daily walks to compensate for the lack of activity, but that's different, of course. Our boy became bigger, now he has got fewer muscles but more fat. That's sad.
    Last fall we did a blood test again (the first one expired) and maybe in June or July, it will be possible to move our boy to the new country.
    But my parents are strongly against our dog's relocation. They say that they love him, he does love them. That he never was upset about our absence, he is pretty happy. They believe that moving will be too stressful for the dog and that he should stay with my parents forever.
    Honestly, it's rational. The matter is the only way to bring him is a cargo plane. All airlines (even Qatar airlines) rejected us to take him at passenger flies. It means that he will have to spend many many hours in the box with no people near him. Moreover, there are no direct flights, he will have to through one connection. After landing, there will be a 1-month lockdown for him in our new country. We will be able to see him sometimes, but not 24-7.
    And now I am thinking. Does HE really need to get through such a hard time to be with us? What if it's only our, humans' desire? What if he truly doesn't miss us?
    What would he prefer if he had a choice?
    I love him profoundly. I adore him. Every day, every minute I remember him and suffer. I cannot even look at other dogs cause it breaks my heart. I dream to hug him and smell the scent of his shiny hair.
    He is about 5 years now. I realize that I will never see him again if he stays with my parents. There is no option to visit him in my home country, unfortunately.
    Of course, it would be much better for ME to bring him.
    But I am human. I must be responsible. I must think about him but not about me. What would be better HIM? Part of my heart will die without him. But I will do the best things for him, not for my Ego.
    Please, share your thoughts with me.
    What would you do if you were me?
    Thank you for your answering in advance.
    I wish you and your pets the very best of health.
  2. Doglover85

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    If he is happy living with your parents then let him live there. At least you know he's with someone safe and that you know will treat him well. Besides if you come back to the states you can see him. I wouldn't put that much stress on a dog because he could get lost or stolen. I'd let him stay with your parents.
  3. BattleDax

    BattleDax Well-Known Member

    Boy, I really can tell your emotional struggle here; but my opinion is to leave him where he is.
  4. glen

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    I would leave him with your parents, hes been with them a long time, you could put him through the journey and stress aand him not settle.
  5. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    I would leave him with your parents. It would be way too much stress on the dog.
  6. Boxergirl

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    I know you must miss your boy so much. I do agree that it's probably best to leave him where he's at. I know from experience what a difficult decision this is for you and how much your heart hurts. Ultimately we have to do what's best for them and sometimes that means what's hardest for us.

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