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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Joel, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Joel

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    Hello all, I have a quick question, As some of you may know I have 2 Corso pups, "10 weeks" these guys play hard, I know I've read that they shouldn't play too hard! Is this right? After all they are puppies and they will play, am I being paranoid! They have 4 steps to go up and down, just to go potty. Is this a big deal? AND DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, THESE GUYS PUT EVERYTHING IN THEIR MOUTH I feel like the only word in my vocabulary now is NO! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. kingmark

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    Welcome to the puppy world :) i dont know if few stairs are ok, but i did carry my boerboels until they were 55kg and 35kg i was better safe than sorry. Mine also did eat everything ,my girl still does but not like she was pup ,and she will be 15 months soon so it all depend every dog is different :) just be consistent and have a lot nerves it will be all worth it when they grow up.
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  3. marke

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    the best exercise for a puppy is a yard and another same age puppy , left out together as near 24/7 as possible , I've never seen them hurt each other ....... as far as stairs , I've never carried one up or down stairs that was older than 8-9 weeks ............ imo , they need to always have the musculature to handle their weight , rather than all of a sudden needing the musculature to handle 100-120lbs and not having it

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  4. DennasMom

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    Instead of just saying "NO" all the time... try and redirect them to something ok to put in their mouths... like a rope toy... then you can teach 'drop it' or 'out' or whatever word you're using for them to drop the thing in their mouth along the way. Ie... puppy grabs a shoe... you grab the rope toy and say GAME ON!!!! WHOOHOOO!!! and swing the rope toy around... puppy drops shoe (GOOD DROP!!!) and comes running for a game of tug. Play game for a few seconds, engage second puppy, and you can walk away to quietly get the shoe to a safe location.

    Lesson learned: Shoes are BORING. Ropes are FUN. Ignore shoe... grab ROPE!!

    Here's a good video on teaching 'drop'

    Note 1 - he never says "no" and also doesn't repeat the command, either... he just uses lots of high-value treats, praise and repetition to get what he wants and then reinforce it.

    Note 2 - you WILL need to take time to work with each puppy separately. Hopefully you have them crate trained and they're each ok being in the crate (or a quiet bedroom) alone while you work with the other puppy. A stuffed kong would be an easy way to keep the one in the crate occupied.
  5. NYDDB

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    Nice videos, marke. Are those the same three in the second one?
  6. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    that's 2 of the three , the one watching is their aunt ........ here's 3 of the 3 , lenny , lulu and gus ...... I lost gus to sas , terrible disease ......... but he did have fun

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