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Boerboel-19 month update


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3C53E3CF-F20B-4DC0-99DB-417737BA7673.jpeg Hi All!
I can’t believe my Boerboel is already 19 months already. Time flys! We waited to have Daisy spayed at the exact 18 month mark. She came through her operation without issue. At the time of surgery she weighed 143 lbs and is in great health. She is really in to her true personality now. She is cautious but friendly outside of her domain with people. Dogs are a different story so I try not to put her in situations where we can’t easily find another path to walk. She guards our property and let’s everyone within ear-shot know she’s there. Daisy is very submissive with all of our friends and our children’s friends who are constantly in and out of the house (teenagers) She loves to play, take long walks, and is incredibly athletic. She is able to jump over a 4 foot fence! She is still my Velcro so I take her everywhere I can. She is not very heat tolerant so outdoor activities are limited at the moment. Her allergy to chicken by-products are terrible so we do a lot of raw or salmon kibble (so smelly). Highly recommend this breed! I’ll try and attach some pics. The pics download side-ways. Ugh

I hope everyone is well. @Boxergirl I hope you’re heart is filling with happy memories of Ella. Thanks to all the regulars in the thread who gave me amazing advice during the puppy stage! I’ll try and get on more!


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A few more


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She is everything a mastiff truely is, velcro is something i can relate to,
She is beautiful. My boys cant have any chicken food unless its raw.