Are Mastiffs big talkers

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by boxernmastiff78, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. boxernmastiff78

    boxernmastiff78 New Member

    Hi all
    I adopted a abused old english mastiff she is just over a yr old.
    She was afraid of even a leaf blowing so now she has done a 360 and she sure has a lot to say lol
    I have a 10yr old boxer and he can't play as her but the old man tries.
    She will start talking him till she gets what she wants or pretty much anytime middle of the night she gets right in my face and does it bc she has to go out which I can't complain bc I wanted thAT bc when I got her of course she wasn't house trained now she is yea!!!
    Her voice pings off the pots and pans lol but are most very talkative?
    Now my talkative girl is living a great life in sunny fl unlike her exowners freezing in winters up north. Lol
    I love my talkative girl
    So I should stop bragging now lol
    Thxs for all your answers
  2. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, these pups are definitely talkers, though, I have heard of an occasional quiet one on the forum. Ruger talks, moos, meows, howls, whines, barks, growls, snorts, sighs and several other things. LOL It can drive ya crazy but for the most part, it cracks me up. LOL Thanks for rescuing. I would love to see some pictures of your new girl. :)
  3. Jadotha

    Jadotha Well-Known Member

    We are on our first EM, after Wolfhounds and GDs, so I don't know how typical Boris is of the breed. He is VERY vocal, and has a large repertoire of sounds and inflections -- both to express needs/wants, but also to participate. When my spousewich and I are having conversations, Boris join us, looking from face to face, and making noises that are the same cadence and inflection of our remarks.
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  4. musicdeb

    musicdeb Well-Known Member

    Welcome and thank you for rescuing the pup!
  5. Robtouw

    Robtouw Well-Known Member

    Yes! All five of my em boys have been big talkers. My current pup who turned 1 year old today, talks back the most. He tells you everything good and bad and is pretty sure he is always making sense and we have issues if we do not understand! His latest thing is sitting in the living room under the ceiling fan patiently giving orders to my husband to turn it on. We are not sure exactly what he is saying but he mummm mummm mummmmfffffssss at it then at you back and forth until you hit the switch. He also cusses out the ice maker button when it doesn't give ice when he pushes it with his nose. We had to turn it off because he would push and eat some of the ice and leave some on the floor.

    Mastiffs tend to be timid around loud noises and unfamiliar items quite often. I suggest that when you find something she finds scary, put her on a leash to make her feel secure walk to the item but stay about 5-10ft from it. Lay your end of the leash down or have someone else hold it and let her watch you touch and talk to the item. Sit near it, keep touching and allow her to approach on her terms. Once she does praise her alot and pet! If she confronts it on her terms with you for support she will get over the fear quickly!
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  6. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Kryten only really talks when he thinks he's being ignored or if he's asleep. He does snort a lot however.
  7. Matilda's Mom

    Matilda's Mom New Member

    I'm new to the Mastiff forum today. I currently have 4 mastiffs.. Emma 10.5 yrs, Sasha 6 yrs, Herman 7.5 yrs and Matilda 11 months. Herman was my first "pure" English mastiff that I rescued thru FORM. He is a major talker.... Matilda is a whiner... and getting into talking. Unfortunately Easter Sunday I lost my 5 yr old Brindle boy "Yukon" to bloat. he was the quietest.. On March 12 i found out Herman has osteosarcoma... All my Mastiffs are rescues with the exception of Matilda.. I would have never guessed these gentle giants would be so vocal.. but wouldn't trade it for anything!
  8. thelady_v2010

    thelady_v2010 Well-Known Member

    The difference in the whines alone is a whole new language!

    Last night my husband laid on the floor in a ball and whined after I punched him. It was pretty funny to watch Menace go over to him and sniff and whine with him!
  9. kbuchanan66

    kbuchanan66 Well-Known Member

    Mine does too. Mostly Huffs and kinda throat yodels with the occasional growling. He barks too. Most of it is an attention grabber or when he needs to go outside, food or water or go for a walk.
  10. Jeri

    Jeri Well-Known Member

    My Neo Camo tends to do the "Rawr Rawr Rawr" when he wants to get his point across. He talks back a lot, especially when one of his little elders has something he wants! And when the front end isn't talking, the back end is! Peeeuuwwww!
  11. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Denna loves talking with my hubby, too... Hubby will lay down on Denna's bed (our old queen sized mattress that we haven't figured out what to do with yet, so it's on the floor in the middle of the living room), and Denna sniffs at him, then starts talking... "rawr rawr rawr" - and she LOVES it when you talk back. We might have to see if we can teach her some words... :)
  12. bella

    bella Member

    Bella isn't really a talker or barker. She is actually the quietest dog I have owned. She is an english mastiff pyrenees mix so i dnt know maybe it's the pyrenees in her??? She does talk alot in her sleep though. She will whine talk bark and growl in her sleep. But when she is awake she is pretty quiet except for a few times that she 'talked back' to me when she didn't want to listen, which was a low growly 'but I don't wana mom!' thing. Oh she did bark at a hog the other day, 1st time meeting a hog and she got pretty vocal about it too. Actually shocked me bc she is always so quiet. I think that was the 1st time I have heard a real bark from her in the 2 months that we have had her. I don't know she may change but thus far she is just a quiet girl!
  13. boxernmastiff78

    boxernmastiff78 New Member

    thxs for all the replies Im going to upload some pics right now.
  14. Cur

    Cur Well-Known Member

    Guinness is only 11 mos (bullmastiff) and he's pretty quiet until someone hits the doorbell, or opens the side door. Then it's big boy woofs for sure. Scared the s**t out the Chinese delivery guy last week :)

    And yes, THANK YOU for rescuing. Pics!
  15. rachieb00

    rachieb00 Well-Known Member

    I've never heard a dog talk as much as Bronson before!he's 9 months and will find any excuse to whinge,whine,bark,growl,snuffle like a pig or whatever else he can manage.his favourite is to sit behind me while I'm cooking and whinge,I videoed him over my shoulder the other day so he didn't know I was watching and it really cracks me up watching it
  16. boxernmastiff78

    boxernmastiff78 New Member

    Sounds like something I'd do.
    My phone has no pic of anything but dogs and cats a few nieces that's about it lol
  17. EM momma

    EM momma New Member

    We have an 8 month old EM named Marcus and he is incredibly vocal. He is also super sassy with us too. He talks back constantly. He seems to be going through a teenager thing now with his attitude. At 155 lbs, he's a sassy, stubborn teen! We love him to pieces though. We just hope he grows out of this tough stage.
  18. matthew87

    matthew87 New Member

    It's definitely quite common. My American mastiff is a big talker for sure. When he bored and lays down he will groan. If he wants something he will have kinda a high pitch yelp with a wobble down. When he plays her growls with his moth wide open so its kind of an airy breath mixed with sound of frustration. He also yawns really loud and looks at us to make sure we heard him. Then again when he is bored and he lays down he will make whimpering sounds and will whine till someone plays with him.

    My English mastiff however, she first make much noise at all. She really only barks when someone is at the door.

    I've seen many mastiffs similar to my American though that express their emotions. So I say it is a common trait, yes and rhis article proves that.
  19. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    My neighbor had a mastiff. The dog was such a mush!! He would not talk that much but to show he liked you he would ram his head into you. LOL.

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