Anyone on here got a Dogo if so pics?

Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Primehns, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Primehns

    Primehns Well-Known Member

    I totally agree, been researching mastiffs for a year now. Which is not that long, but i think i got it down. I'd be waiting a bit for a solid litter, and i'm not 100% on a Dogo, i think they have a lot of drive, much more than the average mastiff. So i'd think they'd be fine with me.

    Does anyone know of any lines that have tall dogo's, Fila4me, i know your first male was 281/2 inches at withers, that's the size i prefer. I know it's not common in the breed, but i'd like a agile dogo ( as the breed is totally known for ), but i'd like a dog with some size, maybe 110-130 pounds for a male, is that not common in the breed?
  2. missfox22

    missfox22 Well-Known Member

    Here is our 5 and a half month old Dogo Argentino, Bain.

    I read about the Dogo for a few years. The first time I saw one was on an episode of the Dog Whisperer. He is absolutely wonderful! He's very goofy, looking forward to seeing him grow up.

  3. fila4me

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    I honestly do not know of anyone one I would recommend with Dogos his size. He was a beast and one was never produced from that kennel of his size again. I will say, while he was still very agile, he could not compare to my regular sized boys and girls. 130#'s is on the heavier side, 110-120 is a good range and still extremely agile. my boy was out of la Chocha and Zulu lines.

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