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    I had put in a call to the AKC.... I wanted dual registration for my girl Xena. She is registered with ICCF. I have 8 generations (actually 6 but waiting to receive 8) of her Pedigree. I was told today that if your Cane Corso was born in USA and parents are Not already registered they are no longer accepting dogs from the Cane Corso breed !!! Your dog must have been born outside the US to be able to register with AKC.. I was told they stopped accepting USA Corsos almost 2 years ago !!! Mainly due to the different cuts of Corso.... meaning the Corso has been cut with Boxer, Neopolitain Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, and Great Dane to please American tastes...and some sat Rottie.... I was Truly disappointed in that !!! Xena's bloodline is Scandifio.... ICCF registered!!! I was really caught off guard with this info... I will be calling back to see if I am told something different tomorrow....

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