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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Ken Smith Jr, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Ken Smith Jr

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    I have decided to get this wonderful dog. I'm so excited. I have just one question. The breeder is asking if I could pick up the puppy 4 days before 8 weeks old. I was under impression puppies should not be picked up between 8-12 weeks. Is this unusual? Should I be concerned?

    Also what is the average weight for a puppy this age. Her father weighs 140 lbs, her mother weighs 110 lbs.
  2. marke

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    I think 8 weeks is perfectly fine , your comparing the pup to the littermates , I assume you like the parents , your not going to do any better guessing what the pup will look like beyond looking at the parents and pedigree them all together for an hour or so and pick the strongest , smoothest , most adult moving pup , the most symmetrical moving , the one that bunny hops the least , when they tire they'll all bunny hop , but some got a lot more endurance , I think it's from better conformation .... the ones with equal drive in both rear legs , even if it's for short periods , they'll move straighter and sidewind less than all the others ...... you probably shouldn't pick a shy pup , a friendly , outgoing pup is probably best ....... my dogues are similar sized , and at 8 weeks they're usually around 18-20lbs , at 7 weeks could be 4 lbs less ..........
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    Thank you. She is a very active friendly unafraid puppy compared to her two other sisters.
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    Most breeders I know don't allow the owners to pick their puppy out. To be honest if you have no experience with the breed I don't understand letting someone who has not observed the temperament and habits of the puppies for 8 weeks to accurately pick the puppy that best suites their home. Most will pick the first puppy that comes up to them thinking that the puppy chose them which is not necessarily the case. Your breeder should be able to discuss the structure of their puppies and explain their reasons for believing this puppy would best suit your home. All puppies/dogs have faults and a breeder should be able to discuss it and explain them to new owners as they should be the first place you go for support/assistance should you need it.
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    This breeder is very good. Due to distance I told him about my family and explained to him what we were looking for in a puppy eventually a dog. He then chose three girls that fit my interest. He watched the three very carefully video taped them. He sent me the video. He then recommended based on my family wishes on the puppy. I am planning to take the long distance drive to physically meet the puppy before taking her home. The video at least helped.
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    you really shouldn't be seeing fear in any 8 week old puppy ............ regardless , temperament is pretty pliable , health and conformation aren't ..........
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    8 weeks is a good time to bring the puppy home. 8-12 weeks is a prime imprinting period, so if you wait longer, they might benefit from time with Mom and Siblings, but they'd lose out on bonding time with you... so, it's a trade-off.

    Very good advice from marke on how to look for good health and conformation traits. Thanks marke!!
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