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    I am a first time owner of a CC, I've had a dog since I was 6 years old, and I've been training dogs since I was 16. We got a CC for added protection in the home, we totally adore our boy. I've been socializing and training from the day we got him, and it seems that everything you read about them is true in the protection sense. His guarding dial is way up, and I can see he will always need strict management and training.
    He is kusa registered, and his mother was brought into the house to welp and the pups were raised in the house. Other than that his breeder didn't do any socializing at all. The pups weren't even allowed outside, she was worried about parvo virus. She also dewormed crazily, he had way above average worm pills. They did go in a car to the vet to have their shots. This was the only experience of the outside world.

    From what I've heard, and from my experience, Ccs don't even like being left alone at home, Lupos heart would break and I think he would become a bit mad if he had been made to live in a kennel with very little human contact his whole life.

    So much question is, for a breed that could be potentially pretty dangerous, what is the use of a KUSA registration if the club doesn't require humane, holistic treatment of parents and pups. It is called the Kennel union..

    Most buyers of these dogs want a family friendly protector, so surely when looking for a breeder their priority should be that the dogs are part of the household, not that they are registered with the kennel union.
    And on a personal level, I would want to support a breeder who wasn't keeping these sensitive creatures in kennels, that the pups parents mental and emotional needs were also being met...
    I wonder if KUSA will also move with the times? We are moving into an era where we realize all beings have a right to live.. and that we should be their guardians.
    I suppose on some level the power lies in the buyers hands..
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