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4 Year old Brindle Cane Corso


New Member
Good morning.

I am in search of a solution for my boy who seems to have allergies to EVERYHITNG. I have had him on raw diet. He seems to be having some skin issues, The poor thing is Itchy ALL THE TIME. Under arms, ears, his skin is oily and smelly. His ears do not seem to smell that bad but are pretty red and hot. Is this a yeast issue? if so how do I get rid of it?
I am considering on putting him on kibble but I need a good food that is high in protein and is not Chicken, Beef or lamb. He seems to do well with Salmon. THATS IT. My options are slim!


Allergies are a sign of weakened immune system. Or exposure to chemicals, like household cleaners.
Add high end probiotics to the diet. Raw food is better than any kibble, don't give up.
Raw food also needs properly made veggies and fruits.
Ahh I would look into the impact of raw salmon IMMEDIATELY! It can be really dangerous for dogs if fed raw. My brindle corso is 3 and also fed raw. I remember salmon was on sale once so I figured let me throw this into her meals... it. was. horrible... I didn't think to google if it was ok to give her because I thought raw salmon was fine. But hop onto google and search the effects of feeding your dog raw salmon. It's very scary. My dog got super sick with many of the side effects you listed. The second I got her off of it, everything went away. I would navigate away from this if you can and maybe try other raw options :) I hope your sweet baby is ok!!!