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  1. MayasMom

    MayasMom New Member

    I saw where some folks mentioned the zoomies and I think we are experiencing Maya's zoomies now that she is relaxing more. She goes from sitting there nice and chill and suddenly takes off like a bat out of hell zipping through the house at full speed and stops just as suddenly. Energy spurts gone wild it would seem. She also seems to like to sneak up on my teacup yorkie George and the moment he seems distracted she snatches a toy and takes off full speed. Funniest scene ever. I think she is teaching George the zoomies too. It's like a wild chaotic game of school yard tag around here :lolbangtable:
  2. jpw0025

    jpw0025 Member

    Oh yeah, it's a trip and half the time you don't see it coming! Hanging out with a bone one second, then suddenly a hurricane.
  3. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Yep the terror and amusement of Mastiff sized zoomies.
  4. QY10

    QY10 Active Member

    Angus does this too from time to time. It's hilarious. He does it at work too, in the backyard. There will be dirt and sand flying everywhere as he's zipping around.
  5. Milton Meathead

    Milton Meathead New Member

    Funny as hell........when they are small but try a 120 lb big oufff of a dog zooming around the house and picture your entire cabinet being knocked over because he can't stop in time ;).....That's my experience...Now I try to keep the zoomies downstairs in the basement so as soon as Kazmaier gets them...downstairs he goes...or outside :)
  6. Cyndnelson

    Cyndnelson New Member

    Caesar did that more as a pup, but he still does sometimes when he gets over excited or when the fresh air hits him. He's actually calf-roped himself a couple times when he was on the leash. Just started spinning like a madman and the leash wrapped around his ankles and then he fell over. It was so priceless, it was like some slap-stick comedy old time movie scene - we died laughing! He got a few road burns on his side from skidding out, but nothing major.
  7. jersey girl

    jersey girl New Member

    I'm watching an 11 week old puppy for my breeder and she cracks me up. I swear she is sleeping one moment, and then suddenly she acts like a nut! I love watching it though...it's so cute when they are small :)
  8. kguitarchic18

    kguitarchic18 New Member

    they are funny! we try to keep them contained when they happen because to slow down she will just throw herself into whatever is there, the wall, the sliding glass door... and im scared shes gonna hurt herself or break something....
  9. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    Yep, love the zoomies. Titan used to body slam me but I now just get out of the way. He doesn't have the zoomies as much as he used to. I kinda miss them. :(
  10. Siloh

    Siloh Member

    When Ham gets the zoomies, he likes to run behind the furniture and a low, heavy table adjacent. I'm worried about him knocking these things right out of the way later in his life... Would it be cruel to discreetly move the corner of the table closer to the wall while he's young so he gets a surprise the next time he tries to dive behind it? I think it may stop the behavior, but damn it will probably hurt a lot the first time he makes that mistake. (Of course, he runs into plenty of things already and seems unbothered).

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  11. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    Zoomies are funny as hell and entertaining with young pups.
    Abby is seven months old now and about 85 pounds, her zoomies are still funny, but terrifying at the same time :)
  12. nabzkhan

    nabzkhan New Member

    Lol reading through this thread u all had funny experiences with the zoomies... I on the other hand was knocked down by ares in the driveway last week and it was pretty bad, I ended up in the hospital. I am tiny so it wasn't a prob for him to easily knock me over. When I went down I couldn't breathe without alot of pain an I couldn't move. I was lying flat on my back in the driveway an ares was over me rubbing his nose on me an crying.. I couldn't really be mad. I so much pain I laughed. Thankfully my bro found me and carried me to the hospital and I am on anti inflammatory meds an painkillers... so yeh the zoomies are funny til you're knocked down lol

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  13. cobb069

    cobb069 New Member

    Nabzkhan sorry to here that :-( I hope you will be ok . Comes with the territory with large fur babies hey lol

    Our 8 week old DDB pup does this and its as though he is possessed haha . We try not to laugh as to not encourage him to do it often. Can only imagine how crazy it will be when he is bigger :-/

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  14. cobb069

    cobb069 New Member

    Hurricane is the perfect word lol

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  15. ruby55

    ruby55 Active Member

    Ruby is the only one who ever had the zoomies; nothing was safe. Furniture, people, other dogs all went flying. She never met a thing she couldn't body slam out of her way. Now that she's mature (and I use that term loosely), she has enough respect for living things that she doesn't knock us down anymore. But after an especially good poop outside, the chairs &/or couch still goes sliding across the floor.
  16. CeeCee

    CeeCee Well-Known Member

    I love the zoomies...as long as they are contained to the back yard.

    Does anyone else's dog either (A) get the zommies when they're sleeping - legs "running" and dog squeaking like mad or (B) Stop in mid zoom to poop? (Sometimes, I wonder if Zeek doesn't do the zoomies just to get things moving.) :D
  17. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Not stop and poop but often a zommie will hit just after an especially good poop. Jade is very zoomieleptic and will have events at any moment for no reason at all.
  18. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    Seems like a good poop gets them all active and the Zoomies take over after that.
  19. MayasMom

    MayasMom New Member

    Maya gets the poop zoomies for sure LOL
  20. Siloh

    Siloh Member

    Was just thinking yesterday about asking if anyone else saw poop zoomies. All my dogs do this, even the 16-year-old dachshund!

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