Zive saved our lives!

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by angelbears, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. NYDDB

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    Well done, Ziva!

    Many years ago, I was owner to the sweetest Labrador on earth. However, one night, I was boiling chestnuts on the stove. Meanwhile, I curled up on the sofa ---and fell asleep. No smoke detector. Well, I woke up to an apt. filled with smoke and my faithful Lab pushed into the furthest corner in the back of the apt., trying to avoid all the smoke. Not exactly Lassie!

    I have a sense that Mateo would be nudging, pushing and crawling all over me (he's not a barker) if that situation had happened now --- he is constantly watchful and aware of our surroundings. One can only hope that if I'm that dumb to leave something burning on the stove my dog would take notice and do something!
  2. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

  3. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    Above is my newly decorated bathroom. LOL
  4. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    NYDDB that is scary and your poor lab. I have no doubt that Mateo would alert to it. I think it is part of the Mastiff's make up, then add on top of it when they have a close bond with their human. It is part of who they are and IMO one of the reasons we bond so deeply with them.
  5. taisa899

    taisa899 New Member

    Good dog!!

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  6. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Well said. :)

    And that pic of your bathroom wall..yikes! Ziva gets extra hugs tonight...
  7. Amanda F.

    Amanda F. Member

    Wow that's scary! Good girl Ziva!
  8. trixie28

    trixie28 Member

    Clever girl Ziva, think a big fat steak is in order!! Thank goodness you put it out so quickly and everyone's ok !!
  9. cinnamon roll

    cinnamon roll Super Moderator Super Mod

    Was Debra trying to one up your cooking experience????? Thank god for Ziva.
  10. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    I'm glad everything turned out ok and no one was injured. Damn cig...hehehehehe
  11. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    It was very scary! In the back of my mind all I could think about is I have to get this fire out. It would not have been a good experience if we would have had to call out the FD, with 2 fila's. LOL
  12. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    Good job Ziva!
  13. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    It's a little late in this thread but if anyone else reads this....Please get a fire extinguisher! It made all the difference in the world. Plus, make sure you know how to release the safety devices on it quickly. While I was messing with the fire extinguisher, Debra threw the dogs water on the fire, didn't do much to it. One blast from the extinguisher and it was out.

    Also, trust your dog! If they are acting funny, get up and investigate!
  14. Babs

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    OMG!! Ziva is a hero! What a good girl!
  15. alwcm4

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    Wow, awesome. What a good girl!
  16. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    We have a standard kitchen fire extingsisher, but we also have several of these: First Alert AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray - Amazon.com around the house too. And I can tell you from personal experience that they work just fine on small fires and are much easier to manage in a hurry.
  17. fila4me

    fila4me Active Member

    thank God everyone is good!!!way to go Ziva!!! I had a fire years ago and only for my 2 Filas(Icca and Belly)did I get up.My 2 Eng. Springers were as close to my woodstove as they could get sleeping and the wall behind the stove was engulfed!!by the time my girls woke me the house was full of smoke and I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get the fire extinguisher,to find that it did not work!!!I called the fire dept.dispatch and it was a joy for them to come and not only put out my fire but avoid 2 Filas,3 Dogos and my now awake Eng.Springers!!who all were attempting to kill the bad guys!!!LOL!!!
  18. NeSaxena

    NeSaxena New Member

    Good girl Ziva! You're a cuteheart.. who cares about CAFIB or TTs??? :D

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