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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by 2Mastiffsowner, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. 2Mastiffsowner

    2Mastiffsowner New Member

    Mastiff has a broken right hind leg. both bones are broken and he is in a cast for 8 weeks. this is a major setback for me. he has a show coming up in two weeks time, i guess i will have to wait until the leg is better
  2. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Oh, now that's a tough thing to have happen. Have fun trying to keep him quiet . . .
  3. Zoom

    Zoom New Member

    Oh my! What happened? Poor boy...and poor you!
  4. filarotten

    filarotten New Member

    Ouch, poor guy.
  5. boerboeler

    boerboeler New Member

    That sucks, sorry for the mishap.
  6. 2Mastiffsowner

    2Mastiffsowner New Member

    we think he may have stepped in a hole while paroling my aunt's farm. he paroles on one side of my aunt's farm while the Neopolitan Mastiff does the other side. it is not easy i can tell you. the Neopolitan Mastiff puppies are doing great. Deliha had a c-section had 9 puppies. Sadly the last one was a water baby and did not survive. it had retained too much water. the others eyes are opened and the ears are starting to open.
  7. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Groundhog burrow, maybe?
  8. 2Mastiffsowner

    2Mastiffsowner New Member

    probably knowing him he does not watch where he is going.

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