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Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by Oscar'sMom, Feb 11, 2018.

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    8D1A0EF9-718F-439F-AEC1-9E1C4247D0F2.jpeg E6F61C5F-A0E9-45FD-9E60-34727AE3AC0F.jpeg B66432DC-0668-4EA1-8000-A06DA0EEB769.jpeg 8934BCF9-1EE0-4058-9D65-1D16280A39F5.jpeg C029AC89-B632-485E-BF63-9E7BDDD39B19.jpeg A2F962BF-790D-4D1F-AB7B-257ECE790E3D.jpeg 2D75F682-9D2D-4936-890C-E00FAB7A0B49.jpeg Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve made an appearance :). We’re back and I thought I’d give an update.

    Oscar is going to be 4 in June. I can’t believe it. He’s a big lug and spends most of his days sleeping and snoring and farting. He’s topped out around 205# and is healthy and happy. He’s made friends with a bunch of people and dogs at a local brewery. He’s still pretty skeptical of new people but they usually win him over with handfuls of pepperoni.

    We’re actually thinking of adding a puppy this summer!! I’m not sure if we will or not, but we’re talking about it. The breeder we got Oscar from is breeding currently a beautiful female I’ve loved. I’d love to have one of hers. Oscar is intact and I know there’s a lot of info on here, but any issues bringing puppies into a new home? We’d want to get another male.

    Glad to be back :)
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    Awesome pictures! Oscar looks great. I have been following Oscar's growth chart on one of your previous posts, as it very much aligns with the growth of my boy (always withing a +-3 lbs range). Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks!!!! His parents were 220/175 so he really landed right in between. I think finally he’s pretty much settled with growth and hasn’t changed much in the last year weight wise but filled out in his chest and head.
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    Good to see you! Oscar looks great. I've always had males living together, but mine have always been neutered. I think that you're biggest concern might be when puppy hits maturity. I know some people never have a problem and some people do when the dogs come into their temperament around two years old. I hope someone with more experience keeping intact males answers your question. I just know that in rescue we hedged our bets and suggested females to homes that already had males and males to homes with females. But again - those dogs were all altered and they were boxers. What is your breeder's opinion?

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