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  1. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    I like the color on your Icca.
  2. fila4me

    fila4me Active Member

    thank you, she was very beautiful!
  3. cashbasket

    cashbasket New Member

    Kona is absolutely gorgeous!!
  4. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    Thank you.
  5. bellareea320

    bellareea320 New Member

    Luna at 10 weeks luna 001.jpg

    Luna at 17 weeks luna 17 weeks 2.jpg luna 17 weeks.jpg Her right ear just started to flop again..looks like ill have to post I hate teething
  6. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    So many beautiful babies on this forum!
  7. rhonda7770

    rhonda7770 New Member

    here is mack as a baby at around 8 pounds ~ mackie baby.jpg mackie2.jpg and Mack as at almost 7 months and 70 pounds ~
  8. grazefull1

    grazefull1 New Member

  9. grazefull1

    grazefull1 New Member

    20120528_125929.jpg 5mons 62lbs
    20120702_002627-1.jpg 6mons 76lbs
    20120730_135650.jpg 20120730_135036.jpg 7m0ns 88lbs

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  10. trkybrd20

    trkybrd20 New Member

    Norm growing up...they grow up so fast.
  11. smfidler

    smfidler New Member

    DSC_0096 (2).jpg DSC_0095 (3).jpg Bentley the day we brought him home at 8 weeks and about 2 weeks ago at 13 weeks.
  12. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    11 weeks [​IMG]
    11 months [​IMG]
  13. SerbianDog Rina&Don

    SerbianDog Rina&Don New Member

    Serbian Defense Dog(SDD) Don

    two months old

    Uploaded with

    and now, a year and one month old

    Uploaded with
  14. Robtouw

    Robtouw New Member

    Cruiser at 9 weeks 005.jpg
    Cruiser @ 8 months 101_3698.jpg
  15. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Mateo @ 6 weeks


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    Mateo @ 19 months

  16. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

  17. TN Dogues

    TN Dogues New Member

    Hagrid then
    new_puppy 001web.jpg new_puppy 015web.jpg

    and now at almost 2.
    hagrid2012 060_web.jpg
  18. bluebutterfly

    bluebutterfly Member

    OK lets try this again... lol
    Panzer as a baby

    Dragon as a baby

    Brody as a baby

    and NOW all three
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  19. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Oh yeah let me in on this. What a great thread and what a bunch of great pix and dogs to oogle over.
    I'll start with Jade.
    Before I got her.

    The day I got her 8 weeks old


    12 weeks after a late may snow flurry

    About 13 or 14 weeks hangin with her bud Dozer.

    Four months old being the Boerboel (Farmers Dog)

    6 months old

    And now last month at 8 months old.

    Last one. 9 months old

    Whew that was some digging, you asked for it.
  20. masteneo

    masteneo New Member

    wow jade looks awsome!

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