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  1. SadieMaeTosa

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    We have had our Tosa Inu (Sadie Mae) for the last 12 months and we could not dream of a dog that is more willing to please, sweet, and truly gentle giant that our little girl. We brought her over from a the Czech Republic from a breeder at and were are very happy with them. Since we have had Sadie we have imported 2 other puppies from the same kennel and have had virtually no issues and all the pups are great dogs.

    Sadie is 16 months and is just starting her first heat. Were very excited about having our first tosa and recommend them to anyone. She is great with kids, other dogs, and pretty much anything.

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  2. SadieMaeTosa

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    Just read some concerns about Tosa's being aggressive and tough to handle. I just want to say that the three full blooded Tosa's I have been in constant contact with are absolutely great pets. 2 of the 3 are so gentle they would not hurt a fly and the other one is just a little tougher but in no means dangerous. We have our Tosa and a 13 year old golden retriever and a 12 month old longhaired mini dachshund and everyone gets along just great. She is also amazing with children which was a big motivator for getting the breed.

    Bottom line: Tosa's are great and the more you research the breed the more you will find that they are great family pets and amazing doggies.
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    Love your pics. Look like great dogs!
    Sounds like you found a really good breeder - with good lines and temperaments.
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    good looking dog
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    Love the Tosa, shame they are banned in the UK.
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    Beautiful pups!!
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    Nice looking Tosa! I like her color.
  9. SadieMaeTosa

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    Sadie and the Ladies! Sadie, Shelby and Maggie!


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  10. SadieMaeTosa

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    Thank you all for the compliments! She is an awesome dog!
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    Can you tell me more about her personality? How was training her, easy?
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    Sadie is stunning! I love her coloring. Is it typical for a Tosa?
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    ​Sadie Mae is beautiful; I love her coloring :)
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    I have had dogs all of my life (dachshunds, labs, goldens and dobermans) and cannot take any credit for Sadie being such a great dog! She literally came off the plane and had such a sweet and calm temperament. From day 1, she did not need a leash, listened intently and had a strong desire to please. We have trained her very little honestly and besides sit, stay and come we never moved on from that. She did ok with training but as mastiffs do get bored after a while. Because of her desire to please we think that if we had a wanted to train her more that she would have responded well.

    Her personality is very sweet, calm, inquisitive, loving and gentle. She has been great with people she knows well and it takes just a little bit for her to adjust to new friends. She does well with children and is very patient. We are excited about having our own children around her and think she will watch over them well. She loves to travel and adapts to new environments easily. We take her everywhere and the only time we leash her is when we have to legally otherwise she stays right beside me off leash.

    The breeder is located in a quiet town in the Czech Republic and when we got her you could tell that the modern city noises and activities were not something she was used to. So when she heard something new or a loud motorcycle it caused her to be a little skiddish and concerned but as she grew accustomed to life her in the US after a short time and has settled well.
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    After reviewing several Tosa breeders and their dog lines I would not say that Sadie's coloring is typical. Most of the dogs are black with a white patch on chest, tan or red. We got really lucky that her coloring spread like it did and have not seen a lot of dogs that match it. We have seen a few Tosa's that match the Rottweiler coloring scheme and they are beautiful but rare.

    If you want to check out websites that have a variety of Tosa's checkout
    Click on Tosa Inu
    And then click on all the breeder websites...tons of information...if you find a website you like and can't read it, click the web address into google and you can translate the webpage.
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    My oh my she is a beauty!
  17. SadieMaeTosa

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    I really am in love with Sadie Mae....she is so pretty. Im a touch green with envy truth be told. :)
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    tosa in one of my favorite breed which very like to own one male of them . you are happy with her certainly . she wont be aggressive with you any more because unfortunately this breed had grown for war and dogs with this nature are sensitive against animals instead of human.

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