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    i tried to search past posts and can't really find anything. So here goes...

    I've been looking at a baby that we thought was blue at birth, he is now changing colors at 2 weeks old. Mom is a gorg Blue and Dad a beautiful Formentino. Baby is showing signs of much lighter legs and chest with a dirty back or blanket of grey. We aren't sold on this pup unless his temperament is where we want it but he is the one we have been eyeing so far.

    I am hopping into the CC world from the world of OEMs and I am familiar with the verbiage on the acceptable coloring for this breed but see nothing about a dirty blanket and you don't see many pups with it. I'm very visual so verbiage doesn't always paint the best picture for me. My question is this a color that should be sold on a strict neuter contract? We just want a pet and puppy to love but I'm trying to learn all I can about the breed so that if one day we want to hop into the show ring I know what kind of pup to purchase then.

    I attached a photo of a pup I'm trying to describe not the baby we are looking at.


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    Personally thing all the pressure place on show standard ruin a breed and promotes inbreed in attempt to get the perfect specimen. When in act the dog has these colors and markings in their lineage.
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    Welcome, Amber. We have a very helpful and knowledgeable (and responsible) breeder of CCs on the forum - BlackShadowCaneCorso. Maybe send her a PM with your question? I'd definitely trust her opinion.
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    It is actually (if I am remembering correctly) called sable in other breeds but most times in our breed is called a Carbon or Dirty fawn or formentino. It isn't mention in the standard so isn't considered a DQ as most often the coat clears as the dog matures. If you aren't breeding or showing it really wouldn't matter anyways, but there are far more corso with far more carbon out there that the one in your picture. We have had them in our litters, and have kept one back whose coat did clear for the most part. While the standard is used most often these days to judge show dogs, they were originally developed to describe the ideal specimen, usually well before they were entered in a show ring and while colour is subjective based on it not overly affecting the quality/structure/temperament of the dog in question if you are going to breed correct to a standard, which is what the original purpose of the standard was for... to breed as close a representation of a corso as possible to based on those guidelines, then you can't pick and choose which portions you don't want to follow because you don't like it.
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    EC319331-5E80-4C05-AAA6-23936F8C468F.jpeg Thanks for the info I have a received a photo of the actual puppy in question. Mom is Niue and Dad is formwntino. Is he going to end up with disqualifying marks as noted below? “Tan pattern markings...” while he isn’t Black and Tan like a Rottie or a pincer, he currently has tan markings in those locations.

    “Disqualifications: Yellow bird of prey; blue eyes. More than two missing teeth; wry mouth. Undershot more than 1⁄4 inch. Any color with tan pattern markings as seen in black-and-tan breeds. A natural tail that is atrophied or a natural tail that is knotted and laterally deviated or twisted.“

    I don’t plan on breeding or showing but I still wanted a pup close to the standard. I’m really not a huge fan of multi colored pups unless they are brindle. I’ve really not seen pups with his markings.
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    He does currently look pointed, blue with tan points and no I have not seen points disappear.
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    rwadinf up on points it appears that both parents have to possess the point gene. I don’t know what their parents looked like but Mom is blue and Dad is very much formentino.
    Another pup from the litter seems to be turning the same.
    Would this mean that the parents shouldn’t be bred again due to the higher probability that they could throw pointed puppies again?
    I’m trying to soak all I can in about this breed. And wonder what others thoughts are.
  9. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    If it was my program, then no I would not likely breed these two again, at least not together. If they are still amazing separately as far as structure and temperament then potentially matching them with other matches. If it is expresses again then remove the dog from the program, but not all breeders feel the same.
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    My thinking is along the same lines as yours. The father has another litter a few weeks older than this one but he is formentino and mom is fawn so all babies are basically the same color with either a silver or black mask.
    this litter's mom is a blue girly and her first litter.

    i'm soo curious and anxious to see how his color will change as he grows. like i said we are just looking for a pet so his coloring and standing up to the rest of the breed standard isn't a big deal. but i'm very much interested in learning the in depths of the standard. it is hard tho with there a some what open interpretation still out there in a time where it is more important than ever to stick to it so that it becomes consistent.

    thanks for chatting with me!
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    I am not going to lie, when I see open to interpretation I cringe as it is what far too many people are doing these days and has our breed in a terrible state.

    There is nothing dog people like more than to chat about their dogs/breed, so anytime.

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