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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by MastiffMillie, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Millie had had a phantom pregnancy during which she lost her appetite and whereas she would normally eat her bowl of cold pressed kibble, she needed to be persuaded during the phantom. We were just mixing in a little grated cheeses or sometimes some table scraps. She is no longer having the phantom although she will still just look at her bowl of kibble and walk away if there’s nothing mixed in it. I’m presuming I may have created a fussy eater? Do I just stop giving in to her and continue to just serve her kibble only until she stops being so fussy? It’s time to order her food online again so I’d wondered about maybe changing to another brand? Any advice appreciated!!
  2. marke

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    why do you think she had a phantom pregnancy ?
  3. Bailey's Mom

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    When my daughter's dogs were living with us, I had to accept their dog food which was specific for the Dogo's many allergies, but, my daughter would let me get away with a little topper, ie., a bit of soup stock or chicken and stock or beef and a little bit of gravy. The dogs knew that the crockpot that I was cooking in was for them, and...well, I created three monsters. All the dogs would line up and look at me and then the pot and back to me and, you guessed it, the kibble portion went down and the meat and stock portion went up.

    I don't have the grand-dog(s) here any more, but Bailey is hooked on the home cooked goodies. I count it a win-win situation that she will eat her Acana kibble, but with a mixed in topper of meat and gravy or just meat. Oh, yes, salmon is a big hit.

    Personally, I don't think it harms a dog to have high grade, home cooked meats and high quality fish. I think it is a plus situation. I reflect that "dog food" is a relatively new marketing creation, having only really been around since the second world war or shortly thereafter. Most family pets ate the left-overs of the family meals (after the lunches for the following day were made.) Food followed this course: Humans, dogs, cats, hens, pigs... Nothing was wasted, which prompted the drive for making dog food...nothing was wasted so the dregs, the disgusting bi-products showed up in ready-to-feed dog foods. Even now, producers get caught using meats from euthanized animals, roadkill and off-label meats like horse meat. So....Long story short, let Millie have her toppers, her spice-of-life, and keep a good, low-heat-produced kibble to round her out and keep her healthy (healthier than if she was eating meat alone.)

    Oh, and "phantom pregnancy"...yes, we had one bout of it.... Sad, Sad Mastiff-in-waiting, with no happy outcome. She seemed to mourn...and search and finally settle, but not without first going through an exaggerated search for new born human infants...She was infatuated with the smell, and she dotes on the little ones living next door. She would have been a great mom, but, health concerns and reality meant no pups for her. So, now she has some very lifelike stuffed animals and she nibbles them and cleans them and licks them, and drags them closer to her...they are her puppies, I guess. Of course, I'm waxing anthropomorphic...but, she treats them like her litter. Poor Baby.
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    Because her nipples were huge, she was lactating and she was not herself. She was moping. And she was nesting.... we kept finding her in the strangest of places, with all her toys surrounding her, and she was licking them. She favoured one ball in particular which she very carefully carried everywhere. And she was digging..... the carpet, the kitchen floor, her bedding. This lasted for 3 /4 weeks. I took her to the vets to confirm a phantom pregnancy. It was about 8/9 weeks after her season so the correct time for her to be having pups had she have mated. I was offered a drug to stop the pregnancy but declined and let nature take its course.
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    when an intact bitch is acting off after being in season , especially with a 3-4 week time frame , pyo always comes to my mind first , for good reason ....... if she's not sick I wouldn't worry about it ........ I agree with bailey's mom , put stuff on her food , I personally don't find it to be a big deal , if she eats it with stuff on it you know she's ok ........ as far as stopping it , you can jut cut it off , a healthy dog will eventually eat anything , or you can gradually add less and less , weaning her off it ........
  6. MastiffMillie

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    Ah right! I’m sure I have read somewhere that bitches who have phantoms are more susceptible to pyo but maybe I’ve made that up! We don’t want to spay her until after her next season so I’m on standby for any signs or symptoms. Thanks

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