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Discussion in 'Tosa Inu' started by AzBIGD, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. AzBIGD

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    Fell in love with this breed. Will receive my pup in 5 weeks. Any/all help and advice would be appreciated. Especially as it pertains to their diet. Keep hearing about the raw diet, anyone know about this?
  2. ruthcatrin

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    We don't have to many Tosa owners here, a few who wander in and out. But we've quite a few folks who feed raw here, including me. I'd be delighted to answer any questions, but I'd suggest doing up a new thread up in Health so you can get the responses of all the raw feeders, who may have missed this thread.
  3. BradA1878

    BradA1878 New Member

    Can't wait to see pics!
  4. MrsSudz

    MrsSudz New Member

    I am the proud owner of two tosa's. Our two are Maxine and Hooch. They Tosa Inu mixed with Dogue De Bordeaux. WE LOVE THEM! Their daddy, Max, is a pure bred Tosa. Honestly, these are the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure to love. They are needy and need lots of love and attention. Very easy to train, both of them figured out the bell hanging on the back door pretty quickly. They are great with the other dogs and kids. They love to play. Hooch will even play a game on my Ipad. They are both a bit skittish. We take them every where with us and they just don't seem to get past that little scaredy cat in them. The thunder shirt helps a lot. They were both easy to potty train and pretty much stick to their toys for chewing. We live in Alaska so there is lots of wild life in our yard. They sit quietly and watch the moose without barking their heads off. Mastiffs do not do well with physical discipline. We trained our rotty with a squirt bottle. The Tosa's do not like that at all. They get so upset with just a bad boy or bad girl during training. Good luck and get ready for some love!

  5. Eric

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  6. Revy_girl

    Revy_girl New Member

    Our family has two Tosa Inu members. Our first addition was Airizu, she joined us at 7 1/2 months in the fall of 2011. Our
    newest addition is her sister, from another litter, Kumi. Kumi turned 5 in April and joined our family two weeks ago. They
    are amazing dogs but you need to be firm (& loving) with them right from day one so they understand they are not the
    alpha in the family. They're smart, very quick learners. Be consistent and nip bad behavior in the but immediately! They can be destructive when left alone so kennel training is a great idea if you get them very young. Airizu has separation anxiety
    and we had to start kenneling her. At her age it just gave her anxiety. Thankfully we haven't had to kennel her since Kumi
    joined us. They are very protective of their family, home and vehicles and shouldn't be trained to guard, as the come by it
    naturally. Make sure to socialize your Tosa as much as possible or the will become VERY aggressive to other animals and
    maybe even people. These dogs should not be left outside, they need to be with their family.
  7. mx5055

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  8. SadieMaeTosa

    SadieMaeTosa New Member

    Our Tosa Experience,

    We brought over our little girl from the Czech Republic and it was rather easy. She has been extremely easy to raise and has an excellent disposition. We originally tried the Blue Buffalo brand of food for puppies that is high in protein. She had a hard time having a solid stool so we tried less protein and it was more solid but after all we went with the original recommendation form the breeder and tried Royal Canine and has been on it ever since. She instantly had great success with it and loves it. Royal Canine can be hard to find but you can find places online to ship and its not that much more than petsmart.

    As for raising, our girl Sadie has been very sensitive and does not take to harsh or slight punishment at all. She is so willing to please all you have to do to correct her is raise your voice and she obeys. She rarely needs it as she just wants to be a good girl and do what we say. We keep her off leash most of the time and she does not chase any game or people or anything. She stays right with us and is a dream.

    She has been a little skiddish with some strangers but warms up quickly. It took her a while to get used to the city living and noises versus a farm in the Czech Republic. We take her everywhere and she loves to travel. The average weight can range from 110-130 for girls and 160-180 for boys and the age 10-12 years.

    Bottom line we cannot recommend this breed or our breeder enough. Check out

    Sadie's dad at 180lbs


    Sadie at 130 lbs:
  9. hamid

    hamid New Member

    His dad really was a legend. he was so beautiful and imposing.
    Are you sure that sadies dad was 180 lbs??? it mean that he is the weight of a english mastiff .
  10. SadieMaeTosa

    SadieMaeTosa New Member

    Yup, Sadie's mom was 130 and dad 180.
  11. hamid

    hamid New Member

    very jealous !!! here we don,t have high breed like yours and i love this warior breed . hope to have good time with him
  12. Kadmos1

    Kadmos1 New Member

    Does the "Az" in your name mean Arizona?
  13. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    Wooo Hooo so someone in town just got a Tosa! I am not on stalker mode when driving and walking the dogs :)
  14. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    Wow Sadie's dad is gorgeous!
  15. lovemybully

    lovemybully New Member

    We have a 1/2 Tosa (mom) 1/2 Boxer (dad)
    We rescued Zuna at 10 mos (living outside in a 5x5 pen, no training)
    She (& her 'sister,' a pit/terrier shelter rescue) are the best. Despite the size diffetences (Zuna is around 90 lbs, Keno is around 30) they play so well together.
    Zuna is a big goofball w people she knows, wonderful w kids & a natural guard dog.
    She eats Science Diet. We briefly researched Raw, talked to the nutritionist at our vet office &she advised against it
  16. lovemybully

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  17. Zundap

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    A lovely looking dog for sure, i am green with envy.

    I thought about getting a Toza a couple of years ago, but i found out that they are banned here in Britain, are they really as vicious as we are told?
  18. boss257

    boss257 New Member

    Greetings from Central California. New Tosa Inu owner! Meet Akuma, our first tosa! I have been researching this breed for about 7 years and have been waiting along time for my first Tosa pup. He is about 6 months old and has been a great addition to our family and have absolutely no regrets with this breed! AWSOME DOG!!!


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  19. Tosa

    Tosa Member

    I am Tosa mix owner and she is 4 months old now. Although she's not purebred, it's really beautiful, calm dog and really fast learner. I am feeding her with Taste of the Wild puppy food at the moment and am very satisfied. There are only few Tosa owners in my country so it's really hard to get any advice about feeding... :(

  20. akbee

    akbee New Member

    Congratulations on getting your pup.
    I have 2 Tosa's which are littermates. They just turned 8 yrs and I got them from Matsu Kennels at 12 weeks.
    They have been wonderful dogs! Puppyhood was quite interesting as they were the most stubborn dogs I have ever been around (including a CC, Rots, Amstaffs/Pits). Very full of themselves at a young age! The first week I had them here in Anchorage, they saw a moose at close range. My boy simply puffed up and woofed. The "tosa play" is very rough and takes some getting used to.

    They are very sensitive to verbal discipline and that is all mine have ever needed.They love to cuddle and are happy hiking or just hanging out as long as they are with us. As I write this they are in their Lazy-Boy chairs (yes I spoil them). Their lack of complaining when hurt can require a closer eye on them. My boy Tank had a tear in his upper paw from a spot in the fence that I didn't know about for over an hour because he never acted like anything was wrong.

    The only thing I can say about them is that they are magnificent and I can't imagine never having one! Socialize early and be prepared for your life changing.
    In a perfect world I would have a dozen!!

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