New Presa Canario puppy

Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by Jadotha, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Jadotha

    Jadotha New Member

    Hi, everyone; It has been awhile since I've posted (largely due to rather excessive work and forum moderation commitments, not lack of interest)! We recently added a Presa Canario puppy to our household -- Rafa, who is 13 weeks now. If anyone else is interested in bloodlines, he is from Cabeza Grande and Spanish Bull lines. We are totally delighted with him thus far -- he has settled in with our family very well, is exceptionally smart -- (an excellent vicarious and 'one trial' learner) -- affectionate, friendly to friendly people and dogs; but if challenged or growled at, will stand his ground. We have done a huge amount of socialising with both humans and dogs, and taught him basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and leave it! We have started obedience training, as well.
  2. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Very nice! Welcome back. Pics would be nice. :)
  3. Joao M

    Joao M Member

    Welcome and I second the pics request
  4. Igni06

    Igni06 New Member

    Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.
  5. Cobalt

    Cobalt Member

    Awesome, congrats! :)
  6. chris vaughan

    chris vaughan New Member

    Hi New to the dog world . we now have the most attractive Labrador x Presa Canario. Dad pedigree Labrador and Canario pedigree mum.Four month old and settled very well.

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