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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Aduck, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Aduck

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    As the title suggests I'm a new Corso owner - Maverick is 17 weeks old and displaying all the typical behaviors of a dog that age (thankfully the morning chomping on your hands sessions have stopped!!).

    He's a really big guy from what I can gather weighing in today at 60.2lbs.

    My absolute favorite thing about him is how he plods around the house - just a dull thud thud thud on the floor

    He's not a pedigree but his parents are both 'pure' Cane Corsos. Due to his size right now I'm sending in for a DNA kit because I'd be interested to see if he has any other breed in his history. Not that it matters a whole lot to me as he's completely stolen my heart already!!
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  2. TylerDurden

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    Welcome to the forum. He looks great and very healthy. I personally see some English Mastiff in him, but could be mistaken (that would somewhat explain your thoughts on his size). I agree, it doesn‘t matter. Anyway, keep us posted on his development and growth. :)
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  3. Sheila Braund

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    Welcome to the forum! What a gorgeous boy.....I agree with Tyler....looks like some EM in his bloodline. Please post some more pictures if you get a chance.... we all love seeing pup pictures as they're growing and changing.
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  5. Michelle Monroe

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    He's beautiful. Love the black brendel color.
  6. Patrick

    Patrick Well-Known Member

    There is a treasure trove of knowledge here...Enjoy your stay, and again.... WELCOME !!

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