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  1. Zoom

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    I've run into a handful of them lately, ranging from the overdone "melting" look, to ones that I would have sworn were Corsos. I've been doing some Googling but I don't know enough about the breed to know which sites are FOS (like the one showing the Tosa/Neo cross and calling it a purebred) and which ones are holding to the original type.

    So far this is the type of dog I think fits with what I understand the standard to be related to.


    He still has the characteristic wrinkles but seems to better retain the shape that allowed these dogs to quietly and effectively stalk intruders on the old Italian esates.

    Then there's this guy..., who sired the dogs used in Harry Potter:

    I can't fathom how this dog was supposed to see ANYTHING, much less pick out people in the dark.
  2. spiderbitten

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    I always feel so sorry for those poor dogs with too many wrinkles. I can't imagine how they do anything, and they certainly can't be as functional as they are supposed to be.

    I'm fond of the tighter-skinned ones myself, I believe they are called "non-typey". As far as I can tell over many arguments on another forum I was on, there are some breeders who strive for the more functional form, but the excessively wrinkled look seems to be gaining in popularity.
  3. filarotten

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    I was in petco earlier this week. There was a dark brindle Neo that a couple had just picked up two days earlier from Dallas. He was a rescue that was found wandering the streets. The poor guy was in pretty bad shape, but you could tell his foster parents were very fond of him and were going to get him back to health. They were talking about keeping him forever, that made me happy.

    He had lost his wrinkles from being so underweight, but I could tell he had once been a beautiful boy that was the same type as the first picture. He was an absolute sweetheart. I would love to see him in two months, I bet he will be a different dog.

    He seemed so much shorter than my Filas.
  4. Miakoda

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    That dog in the 2nd pic makes me just cringe. Even not knowing much about a dog breed, I would think that a person could see just how wrong that is based on common sense in terms of function and quality of life.

    That dog in the first pic is absolutely gorgeous IMO!

    My husband wants a Neo. I want a Fila. I wonder who will win out. :D
  5. jeoestreich

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    I have always wanted a Neo. Right now with five dogs there is no possible way. Maybe in the future. The first pictures the dog is beautiful!
  6. Droller

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    Man!!,that last Neo is not a good look!!!

    That dog must have so many health problems,just being able to see is one of them.

    The 1st Neo is nice but ive seen some better ones still,less exaggerated wrinkle wise,show quality in this particular breed has alot to anwser for,if you look at the neo's of old,they dont look like either of the 2 pictured.
  7. Zoom

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  8. filas931

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    The Neo in the first pic belongs to what people call old-style neos, and breeders who strive to produce such neos often tend to focus on producing working dogs (for protection). The second pic represents the new-style Neos and is being promoted by the show crowd.
  9. Zoom

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    You know, for the most part and with very few exceptions, I really hate the show ring and what it does to dogs. Mostly AKC of course.
  10. 2Mastiffsowner

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    i have a Neopolitan Mastiff. The wrinkles of the breed did serve a purpose. Deliha is a sweetheart but if you try to break into the house you will not even make it to the front porch. Both Mastiffs belong to my aunt but i am the co-owner. i can tell, they can be sweet and gentle, but if they feel like the family or themselves threatened, they will attack. Deliha is my sweetie-pie and Tyson the Tibetan is my love-bug. a month ago, two guys tried to break into the house. THe Neopolitan Mastiff was out on the front porch guarding. I woke up because they were barking i did not see the bad guys so i went to where these two were under a tree. i asked where are they. they kept looking up the tree, so i looked up and there was the bad guys.

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