Need a new dog food urgently, Blue Buffalo Warning

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by northernmastiff, Jan 15, 2012.

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    I can imagine people are still going on about the recall. BB is still on the shelves because it was an unfortunate mishap. I wasn't using BB when it happened and I am sure all the bags would have been pulled off the shelves.

    I would have left Murphy on BB if it wasn't for his issues. Even if I had heard of the recall. I'd find out the problem with the recall, if its happened before, if other dogs food have had recall issues. Some things have multiple recalls yet are still continuously sold. Then I would make my decision. Lettuce gets recalled, I still buy it. Hamburger gets recalled, I still buy it. There should be no difference with animals feed!
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    Personally, its not that something gets recalled that bothers me, its how the company may handle it. Diamond's recent set of recalls is a perfect example of how NOT to run a recall: product codes that kept changing, new additions every Friday for weeks....the recall itself included several months of production....yah, not happy with Diamond right now.
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    I have Cruiser on BB Basic Ingredients Salmon & Sweet Potato and he is doing Great! He was on Inova and was itching and scratching like mad all of the time. Once I got him off of anything with chicken in it, the scratching stopped. All dog feeds will occasionally have a recall as with most human foods. Its inevitable, but it is how they handle the recall and fix the issue that makes it important. Prob with Diamond processed feeds is that they don't care about the pets, only their bottom line and not too much, because they have continued over the past years to poison animals and owners alike without making a significant change to their processing. They refer to your beloved pet as "property". Blue has a reputation for investigating their issues and resolving them which means they are making the effort needed to stop the problem from happening. The over supply of Vitamin D occurred several years ago. All dogs may be predisposed to kidney issues, just a fact of life and what you put in them can wake up that predisposition.

    Before you feed your dog any processed feed choice, I urge you to call the manufacturer and ask where it is processed, how many times there have been a recall on the product, where they get their ingredients and how they handle recalls. Good feed producers do not mind the questions. I spoke with a Blue Rep that answered anything I asked and even volunteered to email additional info. Nutro did the same, but I simply cannot support Diamond in any way, which is quite sad, Nutro Ultra should be a good food product. I used it when it first came into production years ago before it was a Diamond Product. Several other feed producers gave great interviews and even sent coupons for calling. Research help, it only takes a bit of time!

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