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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by MastiffMillie, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. MastiffMillie

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    So 3 weeks ago millie had TPLO surgery on a ruptured ligament and is doing well recovering. Yesterday she was laying on her side and my eldest son (11) rubbed her belly/side and she barked and snapped at him. She of course didn’t actually touch him with her mouth but it was enough for us all to notice. He was rubbin her firmly I guess but jut the same as he has always done; she is such a big softie. This is our second mastiff breed so my kids are great around them. It really shook him up though as she has never done this before. This morning she did the same to me without the bark. Vet appointment booked for 3:30 this afternoon but any ideas? She finished second season same time as op, 3 weeks ago so I must admit that I’m on pyo alert (due to be spayed April) . I wondered if tender tummy could be related but there aren’t any other obvious signs .
  2. marke

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    kinda young to be getting pyo , not that it's not possible , just not probable ....... i would guess hormones ..... seems to me 2nd 3rd seasons for a bitch usually involves some noticeable attitude adjustments .......
  3. Boxergirl

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    That sounds like it might be a pain response. Vet check is definitely in order. I also agree with Marke that the second and third season brought a big change in personality for my girl. A permanent change. Please let us know what the vet says.
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  4. Jarena

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    I’m just curious, what changes were permanent? Lettie is my first mastiff, so she is also my first dog that I will wait to fix. I’ve never gone through the heat process so I really don’t know what to expect. I know not all dogs are the same, but I would be interested to know how other dogs personality changed.
  5. MastiffMillie

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    Well, it seems that Millie is beginning to have another phantom so the vet said that tenderness due to that on top of a slightly sore leg still is probably getting her down and hormones etc . She told the boys , who were with me, to not pet millie etc for a couple weeks and let her have some space . She said to take her in if the phantom gets like it was last time so she can have the pill to stop it in its tracks. We feel much happier now. Although poor Millie with a phantom to deal with as well as a recovering leg!
  6. MastiffMillie

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    I’m pleased it’s not probable! I’ve been on watch for it since her season! The Vet also reassured me that it would be unlikely.
  7. Courtney H

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    Poor pup. She is probably very uncomfortable and wants some space.

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