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    Good morning,

    I have been feeding a large breed puppy kibble to my Cane Corso pup that seems to be only avalible here in Canada. The brand is called Performatrin. Recently I happened to look at the ingredients and have noticed that recently they have removed the glucosamine from the ingredient list. Is there anything I could add to his diet to account for the lost of the glucosamine ingredient?

    Thank you in advance
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    A good source of all good things for joints is raw chicken feet. You can give 1-6/day as treats, or part of a meal.
    I find them in the Asian markets (H-Mart around here).

    I have also seen them as freeze-dried treats in some of the upscale pet shops. I don't think the glucosamine degrades when dried... or at least not much.

    I make a "tendon soup" for Denna. Your basic bone broth, but using raw cut up cow feet for the bones. I found the cow feet in the freezer section at the same Asian market.

    Or... you can get some good gelatin (like Great Lakes Beef Gelatin), and add a tablespoon per day to meals.

    I'd probably add a joint supplement even if the kibble lists glucosamine on the ingredient list - you don't know how much they added, and more can't hurt.

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