How many Neo or Neo mixes do we have here?

Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by NeoBull, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. I3rendanG

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    Cairo is my Australian bandog. He'll be 14mo this week. He's 63.5% Neo, 24% corso and 12.5% pit - he's from a long line of hog hunting catch dogs.

    He's extremely driven and very slow to mature.

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  2. madd

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    Buddy's my 160lb neo-corso mix. Rescued at a year old and turning 5 in February. He's my baby and protector all in one. His most favourite thing to do is going for his ball, head first into the snow.
  3. spritemk3

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    330D340B-58C3-4C24-ADD6-D014B2694FBB.jpeg Baci is a 4.5 yr old registered Neo.
    Funny, stubborn, stubborn...oh, did I say that already? Lol. I chose her but she picked my husband as her person...sigh. She’s 128# with all the problems that often come with purebreds. A cherry rye at 6 months was was corrected but resurfaced, severe skin allergies that are ridiculous...drool, drool and more drool. Just a big doofus, a clown in every way. Sweet, but very independent.

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