Handling High Drive/Energy Levels

Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by ZPB, Nov 6, 2020.

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    I rescued a Rott/Presa mix about 6 months ago from the local dog shelter. He is a sweetheart, but he has tons of drive and has a hard time focusing/maintaining his focus, which we have worked on. He is also very stubborn and will regularly choose to do what he wants to do if he doesn't think there is the possibility of a correction.
    What is a realistic expectation as far as the dog being able to control his own energy/stay calm? It seems like there are 2 schools of thought with high drive dogs - 1) tire them out completely, and 2) do the opposite - get them their exercise, but you need to make them learn to lie down for long periods of time (while also providing adequate mental stimulation).
    Does anyone have a high drive Presa that they have successfully gotten under control? Winter is coming, and he's going to have to be content to spend more time indoors with the lack of sunlight.

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