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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Elizabeth Balcomb, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Lupo is coming on so well. During lockdown, because we weren't seeing any people or dogs he started lunging at other dogs once we could start getting out again, and was very jumpy around people visiting us unless he knew them.
    I signed up for a scent class, which was 7 weeks. He did very well, there was 1 incident where he lunged and tried to attack a sweet female border collie because she was signalling that she wanted to come and say hi to us. Other than that, he was the most relaxed and quiet dog there. I worked on his "eyes" command lots, using loads of treats. He really loved it when it was his turn to find the cheese. During this time we were doing a lot of training, rottie club in the morning, scent class midday on a Saturday. And then a rottie broke his chain and attacked Lupo, I went back there one more time but Lupo was too unhappy to do any work, it was no fun, so I stopped that.
    The scent class is over and we've started field trials, and Lupo totally loves the agility part of it. He has been a model citizen, very well behaved, and enjoying himself.
    This weekend we had a lot of friends over for a braai. Many people he had not met before, and a dog came too. He knows the dog, but hasn't seen him for a really long time , and he had been doing an aggressive dominance thing with all his friend dogs.
    Well, I am SO PROUD. We kept him shut in while everyone was arriving, once they were here, I took him out on a lead to greet everyone, including the dog who was off lead, he was happy and wagging with every person, and the dog. Not one incident for the whole time. We all then moved to a sprawling country pub to play pool. The dogs came along, and Luop was again just incredible, allowing total strangers to touch him.
    I can't tell you how happy I am.
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    Way to go Lupo! He is a beauty! Thanks so much for sharing.
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    How did I miss seeing this gorgeous picture? What a beautiful boy. It sounds like you understand him well and know how to work with him to bring out the best in him.
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