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  1. Baine

    Baine New Member


    I would like to start feeding Baine Fish but not sure what to give him.

    He eats Deer, Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Pork now.

    Thank you,
  2. Beta Man

    Beta Man New Member

    Any whole fish should be fine. Freeze at least a couple of weeks.
  3. CeeCee

    CeeCee Well-Known Member

    I feed by guys all sorts of fish...Flounder, Talpia, Salmon, Cod, Whiting, etc. They love them all!! The only ones I avoid are Mackrel and Tuna.
  4. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Denna gets lots of whole frozen sardines, now (thawed, most of the time). But, the Pacific sardines have apparently been over-fished, so the fishing was recently shut down. :(

    When we run out of sardines, I'll probably head out to the Asian market where I can get whole mackerel, anchovies (fresh, no salt) herring and older cold-water white fish. If you're on the east coast, haddock would probably be a good option.
    Here's a whole long list: Coldwater Fish Species such as Cod, Monkfish and more

    I avoid giving her salmon due to the pacific salmon parasite that can be nasty for dogs. :(
    Freezing for hard enough, long enough kills it... but it still just makes me leery, which is sad, because I won't personally eat anything BUT wild pacific salmon.
    More on the parasite: Salmon Poisoning Disease | Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
  5. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Why do you avoid these two, CeeCee?
  6. Baine

    Baine New Member

    Thank you,

    Do I feed it to him whole?
  7. IFIFoods

    IFIFoods New Member

    I have to ask the same question as well.. :rolleyes:

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