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Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by Dstack, Nov 16, 2020.

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    Hi Everyone! Great reading all the threads and looking at pics today. Everyone’s pups are getting so big and beautiful. Our Boerboel, Daisy was 10 months on 11/14. She weighed in at 123lbs. She also started her first heat cycle this same week. She is normally very active with a lot of outside play/long trots/ guarding duties etc but her cycle seems to be wearing her out and she enjoys longer naps and is less motivated. Our dogs in the past have been male or fixed before heat cycles so this is a new experience. Daisy is turning into a great companion and family dog. She remains to be a true Velcro with me but loves all of us and is very protective. She’s lost her fear stage and approaches with confidence. I’ll keep you all posted. Any advice on heat cycles would be gladly received. The pics are at a friends cotton farm and the ride home.

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    Great to see daisy and that she is happy and healthy she has grown up quickly as they always do. Love the pink girly collar afterall she is a little lady. Once boerboel always boerboel
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